24v trolling motor hook up, 12/24 volt trolling motor hook up- help

Become an active contributor to the community. You can take some simple steps to keep it workable. It has to connect to a power supply somewhere.

It would help to top off the batteries as you'r moving to the next fishing spot. They are durable but not indestructible also. This is also possible, and you don't even need to break the series connection between your trolling batteries. What is the best way to wire for this condition? Either at the batteries, fuse panel or power bar.

12/24 volt trolling motor hook up- Help

It was nice of you to reply. Clair straight to your inbox! More power and less worries while wind fishing.

If you liked the post, please leave your feedback. The switch has been to light for the amp. Charge all three batteries while running the outboard motor. It's usually amps or more. You may also apply Armourall type product to the shaft of the motor.

How to Wire a 24 Volt Trolling Motor

So, it is not a heavy boat, relative to some others. Your propellers can be damaged because of hard surfaces. Business Solutions Advertise on WaterWay and reach potential customers in your backyard, lake and beyond. Charge your battery after each use. Furthermore, this Motorguide Great White Digital Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor can be adjusted to push and pull, or to go forward or reverse, dating an offering you easy manoeuvre and convenience.

Because your motor often requires several hundred amps to start it up. In addition, if you use this Minn-Kota Pontoon Powerdrive Trolling Motor, rest assured it will not be caught up in any weeds because of its advanced weed-less wedge propeller. Couldn't let it down cause it hit the trailer.

Always try to keep your battery fully charged. Does that mean you need a switch rated for amps? By the way, great work on the big fish the other day. Does it come with including battery?

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When you want a jumpstart, flip the switch on, start your motor, and then flip it off again. Would a isolator work here too. If you want to charge all three batteries with the outboard, things get infinitely more complex. It offers a fast but silent performance during water action, and it has the ability to be used for longer periods. Here are some tips about trolling motor maintenance-.

Maybe from the discribtion above you would draw it out. Examine the edges of the propellers and ensure that they are not damaged. You can make longer the motor life and keep the performance for a long period if you take care of your trolling motor. However, what perfectly complements your trolling motor is a battery capacity that allows you to do your water activities is a fun, longer-lasting and a more powerful way.

Both the red wire with black stripe and red wire blue stripe go to same place and are identical. There are a couple of popular bass fishing sites on the web where guys post stuff for sale. Before each use, check the wiring system and ensure they are secured. The battery charger per the manufacture said that each bank is isolated. So let's say you have your switch, now back to the original wiring diagram.

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12-Volt Wiring

Are they compatible with co pilot? Let us publish your news tips, events, articles and more! Simply put that switch in the line between the positive terminals the negative terminals can stay connected, it won't hurt anything.

At that point, you would need to break the series connection between your trolling batteries, and connect them in parallel, and then connect that in parallel with your starting motor. Replace the unraveling electrical tape as well as worn or frayed wiring. Now, this is all very simple if you wanted to keep both systems seperate, with the occasional jump start.

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Also, I want to connect the starter battery to the trolling motor batteries. And if the weather is nice you can go for a week without having to re-charge your batteries. News, fishing reports, hot topics and more! On my old boat had the wires running straight to the batteries mounted in the bow.

Your battery charger literature should tell you if it is possible or not. What is the most advertised aspect of a starter battery? What size isolator and switch would I need to work.

Mark Channels Read Calendar. You have your starter battery and one of your trolling motor batteries connected in parallel. Check that, I will put up another post to see what you all think about it. This trolling motor also has an autopilot navigation system that offers you an easy manoeuvre on what direction you want the boat to head to.

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  • The iPilot and AutoPilot are for some other guys my dad and brother that use the boat.
  • Your diagram for your trolling motor batteries is obviously very simple, they are connected in series, and it sounds like your battery charger can handle this without disconnecting them.
  • They have many switches and isolators.
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My diagram shows it connected in parallel all the time. Can I e mail with a diagram of my boat battery layout. Forget the cold part, and look at the number. This is the best idea to inspect the electrical components, wiring and battery of the trolling motor.

The charger wiring is simple. Thus, the extra wire is not needed, as you learned. Each of the red wires has an identical circuit breaker on them. The problem is, russian dating website everything has a common ground.

After then, inspect the propellers for fishing line or weeds. Would this harm my alternater? It has a deploy-assist lever as well as an ergonomic and water-resistant foot pedal to offer you comfort, ease and full functionality while using it. Clair Network is a local social network for Lake St.

Trolling motor is also not different from them. Your trolling motor has three wires input, correct? When the dealer wired it, he had the two trolling motor batteries and the starter battery in the rear of the boat. Keep your motor free from dust or weeds. The wiring is to connected the pos and neg of the one bank to one battery and the pos and neg of the other bank to the other battery.

Trolling Motor Plug to Batteries Wire Gauge

24 and volt Wiring Diagrams


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  2. Recreational activities such as boating and fishing are best and more fun to do if you have the perfect trolling motor to use.
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