Australias dating site

Australias dating site

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She needs to be patient and understanding and not judging others as I am not a good reader or writer. Who loves camping and just getting away from everyday life. Love spending time with family and friends.

Quite independent and canHappy in shorts andWork as a truck driver that

Work as a truck driver that sees me away all week. Loves people, going out to see live bands and into music. Like good conversation about everything and anything goes.

They are intended to build lasting relationships between users. Love camping, bush walking, photography, working with my hands on repairing inventing things, but am a deep thinker too. Im just an easy going Aussie bloke who is affectionate, conciderate, honest, hardworking and genuine.

Quite independent and can think for myself I don't have to rely on other people, I am close to my family and my Border Collie. Happy in shorts and T Shirt or more formal attire if the occasion demands.

Have various interests, sports aviation, staying fit and enjoying life. Art Gallery, and Amusement Parks. Love trying new thing with in reason getting old now. He needs to be honest and a good listener. Be nasty to people gives me the shits big time.

Like good conversation about everything and