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Influenza viruses regularly mutate and evade current flu vaccines. Therefore, the emergence of new polio strains due to over-vaccination is predictable.

Twenty-four million Americans have autoimmune diseases. Additional vaccine-derived polio strains have also been identified in Egypt, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Shortly after touring the U. Last year, researchers at the University of Bonn isolated a new strain of polio virus that evades vaccine protection.

The measles vaccine

To the contrary, officials at the National Institutes of Health were convinced that the vaccine was contributing to a rise in polio and paralysis cases in the s. The measles vaccine is becoming less and less effective, and again measles outbreaks are occurring among some of the most highly vaccinated populations.

This particular polio vaccine contains an increased dosage of the polio virus. Similar cases have been reported with the rotavirus and cholera vaccine failures in Brazil, Peru and Bangladesh.

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In this first part, the legacy of the polio vaccine and its ongoing track record of failure, particularly in developing nations, will be presented. Vaccine policies are driven by committees that govern vaccine scheduling and everyone is biased with deep conflict of interests with the private vaccine makers. After genetic sequencing, the novel mutation was able to be traced back to the polio vaccine. In an excellent history about the polio vaccine, Neil Miller shares the story of Dr. Policies driven by committees governing scheduling and all biased with conflict of interest.

Yet in neither case, has there been scientifically sound confirmation that the demise of these two infectious diseases were the result of mass population vaccine campaigns. Severe gastrointestinal damage due to contaminated water and wretched sanitation conditions have made the vaccine ineffective.

Many Americans today, and even more around the world, continue to be threatened and suffer from the legacy of this lethal vaccine. The history of pharmaceutical science is largely a story of failures as well as successes.

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