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Ranjana Smetacek of Monsanto Bombay's office

Today Karnataka is considered as the biotech hub of the country. Leading Public institutes and universities which produces a strong pool of skilled manpower. The group that claimed responsibility for the blasts, the previously unheard of Revolutionary Cells, vowed more bombings were to come. Mazumdar-Shaw still has a large stake in Biocon, which is now a publicly traded company.

She was an industry neophyte, but her training in using enzymes to craft the perfect pint provided a robust bridge for her move from beer to biotech. Pandey had to convince his own lawyer that the institute wasn't a way to surreptitiously launder money. He says some specialist positions will be difficult to fill. Scientists in industry and academia are trying to recruit and retain top talent, while finding ways to spark innovation.

Huge domestic market and Large consumer base with increasing disposable income. Fast developing clinical capabilities with the country becoming a popular destination for clinical trials, contract research and manufacturing activities.

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Many come originally from villages and have poor English, the accepted language of science in India. Ranjana Smetacek of Monsanto Bombay's office said the violence in India is the result of a single group's campaign against multinationals.

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Many come originally from villages

Due to this, the state is witnessing enhanced investments and outsourcing activities. India is the world's leading supplier of affordable vaccines and producer of recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine. Genetically modified crop experimentation in Britain is also in danger due to sabotage and political opposition.

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With the Indian biotech industry growing at a fast pace, the Karnataka state government is going all-out to boost the biotech sector in the state. Now that the institute has proved its bioinformatics mettle, he and his colleagues are seeking new grants.