Caroline from vampire diaries dating

Caroline from vampire diaries dating

They became really close by

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After she calmed down, Stefan comforted her and Caroline used his advice later on, which stopped her from biting Matt. However, Matt breaks up with her, due to his aversion of the supernatural since the vampire death of his sister, Vicki. She discovers that the armory is looking for her so she hides with Enzo.

The Cure turns Stefan human and back to himself, with humanity. Stefan and Caroline team up against a new threat in Mystic Falls, The Heretics and while boarding up Caroline's house, the two share a moment. She was upset that Stefan had decided to move on with his life and try to forget all about the old, Damon's death and her. They became really close by Season Four. Damon used her in many ways, compelling her to forget much of it.

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In season four, Caroline helps Elena with her vampire transition. Caroline and Stefan talk, sharing a kiss together. Stefan and Caroline were also on the float on Founder's Day. However, Bonnie forced her hand, after Stefan kills Enzo and tries to kill an unconscious Elena, by forcing the cure to vampirism into Stefan. Currently, Stefan and Caroline are dating once again.

Stefan didn't answer her calls and she did her best to find out what's up with him. Upon learning of Bonnie's death, Stefan told Caroline that he would always be there for her as she has always been there for him. Stelena wars between fans.

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Earlier in the series, Caroline begins dating Elena's ex-boyfriend, Matt, who encourages her to become more caring, kind, and selfless. Valerie casts a spell on Caroline which turns her skin to vervain making it hard for vampires to harm her.

During the plan to get the cure, Caroline and Tyler watch over Klaus, who is trapped in the Gilbert home by Bonnie. Caroline assumes that Tyler will join them at Whitmore College. They make a deal with Rayna, but she did not tell them that she was going to be the next huntress. Stefan helps Caroline control her bloodlust and they build a friendship. While they do marry successfully, the most Katherine does is give Caroline her old necklace for the wedding.

Stefan and Caroline team up against