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Keep hands off the control wheel, using rudder control to hold a straight heading. When the light illuminates, hydraulic pressure will continue to build until a pressure switch turns off the hydraulic pump. When using an external power source, the position of.

Require lint all ieitta icing ittspeetion lights be operative prior to Iliglti itito hunts n tic hbrccast icittg eoitditiotts at tight. Best Angle-of-Climb Speed is the speed which results in the greatest gain of altitude in a given horizontal distance. The integral fuel tanks are formed by the forward spar, two sealing ribs, and an aft fuel tank spar forward of the main spar. National Transportation Safety Board. Aerobatic maneuvers, including spins, are not approved.

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As a further precaution, leave the landing gear extended in go-around procedures or traffic patterns for touch-and-go landing. The baggage load aft of the wheel well is limited to pounds.

It also contains supplemental data supplied by Cessna Aircraft Company. Our interest in your flying pleasure has not ceased with your purchase of a Cessna. Owners should contact their Cessna Dealer whenever the revision status of their handbook is in question.

Two position indicator lights, mounted adjacent to the landing gear lever, indicate that the gear is either up or down and locked. The nose wheel is lowered to the runway after the speed has diminished to avoid unnecessary nose gear load. Power pack operation is initiated by a landing gear lever, and is turned off by a pressure switch.

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The distances shown on the climb chart are for zero wind. Rcqccicesl as itcdccaced a cIte body of titis. The ammeter will remain within a needle width of the initial indication if the alternator and alternator control unit are operating properly. Outside Air Temperature is the free air static temperature.

Oxygen Masks if installed. The center area contains the throttle, propeller control, and mixture control.

Cessna 210 POH & Owners ManualsCessna Centurion 210M 1977 Pilot Operating Handbook

At light operating weights, during ground roll with full flaps, hold the control wheel full back to ensure maximum weight on the main wheels for braking. Altitude loss during a stall recovery may be as much as feet from a wings-level stall and even greater from a turning stall. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Access to the baggage compartment is gained through a lockable baggage door on the left side of the airplane, or from within the airplane cabin. Stone damage to the propeller can seriously reduce the fatigue life of the blades. This speed provides the best overall climb speed to clear obstacles when taking into account the turbulence often found near ground level. With a heat-soaked engine on a hot day, it may be necessary to use the auxiliary fuel pump to obtain the recom mended takeoff fuel flow.


Maintain altitude and airspeed by cautious application of elevator control. Hold the button in until the support fully inflates, release the button, and lean back in the seat. Reduce engine power immediately and select a suitable forced landing field. Pages affected by the Current revision are indicated by an asterisk preceding the pages listed.

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To guard against a spiral dive, choose an easterly or westerly heading to minimize compass card swings due to changing bank angles. The airplane fuel system must be purged to the extent necessary to insure that there is no water, ice or other fuel contamination. Unstsmmai s extensise ire aeemmnmulation on tIme airframe amid sa immdshie d in areas not noossally sabsen ed to collect icr. Oflice al lie Regional Conusel. In this event, zombie bowl-o-rama full game remember to re-engage the circuit breaker just prior to landing.

Power True airspeed Cruise fuel flow. Although the crab or combination method of drift correction may be used, the wing-low method gives the best control. Moment divided by the constant is used in this handbook to simplify balance calculations by reduc ing the number of digits.

Pull cabin heat and defrost controls full out to obtain maximum windshield defroster effectiveness. This icr ttmay not be sited using se ice protection systents.

When switching from dry tank, turn auxiliary fuel pump on momentarily. If the airplane has been in extended storage, has had recent major maintenance, or has been operated from marginal airports, a more extensive exterior inspection is recom mended. The maximum allowable combined weight capacity for baggage on and aft of the wheel well is lbs. Its planform changed to a constant taper from root chord to tip chord. If an oxygen system is available, occupants should use oxygen masks until smoke and discharged dry powder clears.

Use the steerable nose wheel and rudder to maintain direction. Note that the baggage load in this area is limited to pounds. However, the airplane should be leveled off immediately to accelerate to a safe climb speed. The seat back will also fold full forward.