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So I would say it is coincidence in you case. Even more when the elevation turret on the scope is set to a long range setting.

Firstly, our reticles have become self explanatory and easier to use with natural aim points. What you want to use is a base that will adjust that has clicks dials or a indicating marker.

You would have noticed that. Got a return call from a Hawke rep today about scope height. On the other hand, the aluminium foil test is easier because everything stays in place, not needing to take the scope of is a great advantage. Again playing with theory to make the program match my shooting results a theoretical speed of has to be used to get the results I have found. In found it the new Hawke version.

We pioneered ballistics software over ten years ago and were the first optics brand to develop our own ballistics apps, which we made available free of charge. In theory the centre line through the rings is not the same as the optical line through the scope. It would be nice to test and see.

The use of tape should become obvious if anyone tries it. Then maybe some insight will be found. The only other thing I can think of is that the mil spacing in your Discovery scope is different from what you expect it to be. One more question Should I measure from turret to actual end of barrel or shroud on a Benj Mrod to get the proper sight base? The focus on scope height hides that it is about massaging the inputs to Chairgun to get it to predict what we get when we shoot the gun.

The main this to do to get chairgun to match your gun is to first set your scope turrets to optically centered. We recommend you check them out.

Chairgun and X-Act - End of Life

But it has only a minimal effect. The distance from the scope-objective to the muzzle is relatively small compared to the distance from de muzzle to the first zero point. This thread has an underlying message. The tilting of the tube at long ranges do not work out so good truth me. And you need to have it right to get good chairgun ballistic tables.

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Another appraoch is ordinary trigonometry. The downward angle created by the adjustable mounts will reduce the distance between line of sight and the centerline of the bore. But trying to change it for longer shots is not going to work out so good and be able to repeat it again and again. Once the center of the blob dot matches where the pellet hit on your scope mildot you now have the correct scope height setting.

For the Steyr with a Nikko and the Walther with a Leupold. Its really easy once you have your zero set on your gun. Now with the new zero my intercept box shows me where yards is on the mildot.

Chairgun and Scope Height

Hi Jacob, It does not matter much. The way you and i do it is a way of avoiding this scope-axis to barrel-axis measurement, which can be difficult in some setups.

Or your scope must adjusted so that the sightline is absolutely parallel to the barrel. When I gave other field target shooters the advise to do the same thing they also find that Chairgun is very accurate. Chairgun is assuming you have your scope optically centered to match your zero. If the difference would be larger it would be a problem.

Measuring from the center of the scope to the center of the barrel is a good starting point and will put the yellow blob close to where it need to be to start off with. It is more elaborate because you need to shoot at four different distances on four different targets. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Put a dot on the paper and line the crosshairs up with the dot and take the shot.

Airgun Accuracy

Email required Address never made public. And at this shallow angle half a foot, or even a full foot, will make only a small difference. He conformed that the number to put into the software is the actual height of the center of the scope tube above the center of the barrel. At the end of we are ending support for our Chairgun and X-Act software. Our favourite at the moment is Strelok Pro, but their are also others available.

The center of the blob is the center of your pellet. Secondly, the software platforms have become ever more complex and difficult to support. The distance from barrel end to paper target does matter. And using the the method described here gives me a perfect match between Charigun and real world shooting.

Let me know I will take some photos to help guide you through the correct way to set the scope height in chairgun. Once you have chairgun matching your pellet shot you will have the correct scope height.

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Although I have not tested this myself. These desktop and smartphone apps will no longer be updated or supported by Hawke. The challenge of course being the accurate mesurement. The shifting scope is not giving me any trouble, it is very reliable and shifts the same amount every time in an exactly vertical line. This proves my point that scope height is an important parameter in Chairgun.

The original Chairgun software which we acquired predated even this. And assume the drop of the pellet to the first zero point is neglegible. Very useful to have another way to measure scope height. Chairgun has its use, shooters can really learn a lot from it, but the real world conditions are difficult to catch in a computer model such as Chairgun.

Now is when you set the scope height in chairgun. How can I know the distance I end up with is going to give me the correct scope height? There are a large and growing number of apps on the market which we think do a great job in helping the shooter with aiming and ballistics. Hi Scott, dj bass Thank you for your question and input.