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Its a usual rafi mecartin movie which offers lots of comedy. To give the credit where it's due, most of the jokes in the former half involving Mohanlal, Dileep and Jayaram brings a smile on your face, with the opening reels emerging swift and racy. The scene with ranjini haridas should have been avoided.

Arike Ninnalum Song Lyrics - China Town

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Malayalam three superstars Mohanlal, Jayaram and Dileep are joining together again after Twenty Twenty that produced by Dileep. Insipid comedies and horrible songs were really untolerable and every actor hams big time and both were happening frequently. Some songs were not necessary. Almost all the songs were rendered by Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosle.

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The film's soundtrack is composed by Jassie Gift. Its an out and out comedy feast. Kavya didnt had much to perform. Pakshe padam below average nilavaram pularthi.

Shooting of Mohanlal-Blessy film in its final stage. Performancil aarum mikachuninnu enno moshamaayi enno parayanavilla. According to cnn-ibn, he is the Most Popular Keralite of the Century. Definitely Another multistar impact on a script. Job oriented Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala.

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Chila comedy scenes okke nannayirunnu. Shammi Kapoor Shakila Helen. Story-wise it is not that good. Show stealer ennareyum visheshippikkan kazhiyilla. The rerecording by Rajamani failed to make any impact.

The set made by art director Boban. First halfile Lalettante chila expressions okke super. For Kamal Haasan, he is the most flexible actor in india. Rajkumar are two frontline fans of this great actor. More over, Gomez also secretly informs the police about the drugs stock in the casinos owned by Gowda, leading to continuous raids in later's warehouses and loss of around hundred crores of stuff.

Arike Ninnalum Song Lyrics - China Town

Without any doubt china town will be winner of this summer. China Town Theatrical release poster. Read more details about the Malayalam movie China Town from here. For the Malayalam film, background loops see China Town film.

Shakila is the leading lady, alongside Helen in a supporting role. Write about topics that interest you - anything from movies to cricket, gadgets to startups. The duo Rafi Mecartin that was known for their comical writing in the nineties has now reached a stage where they borrow dialogues from email forwards. According to the directors, the movie will be a complete non-stop comdy entertainment.

For me it was a torturous movie experience. Maxlab Cinemas and Entertainments. The attitudes seems to be that, no-brainier comedies have worked and this one will work too. Out n out comedy, action, good dance steps and what else do u want for an ntertainer? First half vachu compare cheyyumbol second half kurachu slow aayi nammalkku thonnum athu first half nammal athrakku aaswathichathu kondaavaam.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Also scenes with sumo were crap.

Another was Binoy Dileep a lovesick youth who was the victim of six failed loves. Mohanlal's new stylish look in Christian Brothers exclusive stills, wallpapers, pictures. This is a strictly moderated site.

Wilson Gomus Captain Raju is the only of the friends to survive and he settled in Goa with his daughter, Emily. It will be futile to dwell on the performance of the actors as there is no solid material to back them. Mohanlal as Saagar Alias Jackie.

There are no more surprises in the later half which becomes pretty predictable, with a climax that is logicless and weak. He just holds your attention in every sequence, irrespective of how strong or wreak the scene is. Ticket eduthu kayaraan neravum front rowyil evidenkilum irikkendi varumennu karuthi.

As a result, Shekhar gets a permanent police job that allows him to marry Rita and Mike receives a reduced sentence of three years. They get out by selling their casino. Theatrical release poster. Lalettan dance thakarthu, pakshe thadi pulli control cheythe pattu that was the only negative I felt in the movie. You can update your channel preference from the Settings menu in the header menu.

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Then dont know, felt some thng wrong with Capt. Film is scheduled as Lal sir's X-mas release. Irritating film same scene munp anuragakottarathil cheythathanennu atleast dileepinenkilum paranjode? Not including kavya in negatives list only coz of impact she made in my mind through gadhama. Lalettan's Bollywood film with Priyadarshan, First schedule over.

The gangsters overhear this and capture Shekhar, his life is only spared after he tells Mike his true background and the two brothers capture the gang's leader. Ticket koduthu thudangiyirunnu. They meet again on several occasions and finally Gowda is arrested.