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The sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes is a place of mass pilgrimage. This Basilica is more than years old and has classic baroque architecture. Inspired Travel Templeton Tours Travelujah. Exceptional Christian Travel Experiences. Academic Tours Going on a C.

  • There are different types among all Christian cruise deals.
  • Capernaum, on the northern shore of Galilee, is believed to be the town selected by Jesus for ministry affairs after he left Nazareth.
  • Other are appealing to all Christians.
  • The new basilica was then later erected on the place of the shrine and has been revived several times.
  • You might even happen to meet C.

Many Christian Cruises are organized by specific ministry or churches organizations. Use your skills, gifts, and talents to reach out to the world in need. It also has an underground crypt housing the tomb of St Francis. The city has many holy sites.

If you are looking for Christian tours, simply search on google or inquire at your local Church. Some Christian music artists are popular for ones, but other passengers may prefer a quieter voyage. He turned water into wine at a wedding when the bridegroom ran out of wine. People come here to get healed from various health issues. Millions of visitors visit this basilica every year.

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Below are some of the best Christian vacation spots for singles, couples, and families. Don't bother- it is easy to plan a Christian cruise on your own. This tour is an informative guided holiday for single Christians into the man who created the Narnia series. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, or as a family to a Christian vacation resort, cruise or destination, remember to stay safe and spread the love of Jesus. The types of Christian cruises offered are limitless, including singles cruises, family, couples, seniors, and retreat Cruises.

Turin Cathedral is located in the town of Turin in Northern Italy. Traveling as a single through these areas is also quite simple, for the regions are safe and the locals helpful. Jerusalem is the highlight of your trip, where you will see where Jesus was crucified, the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, Hezekiah's Tunnel, and take part in a Seder meal. It has several churches and a grotto known as the grotto of Massabielle.

Thereafter it became famous and many people visited the place. These are the spots to find like-minded people, russian pictures dating website worship and pray as you sail. There are voyages focused on appealing to a specific sect. The Roman emperor Maxentius sentenced her to death on the wheel when he failed to convince her for marriage.

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Despite being winter Diego managed to get flowers. John Lateran, the Basilica of St. You will enjoy fellowship with like-minded people, and worship the Lord with live praise as you sail.

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These trips represent the best Christian vacations. The body of St Francis Xavier is placed in a glass casket for display to the pilgrims. Many sick pilgrims visit the sanctuary to get healed. The Church of the Annunciation is the site where the future birth of Jesus Christ was announced by the angel Gabriel to Mary. Christian cruises offer something for everyone!

Then journey south to Corinth, Rhodes, and then to Patmos to discover the place where the Apostle John was exiled and wrote the book of Revelation. The image on the stone is still visible today. Lourdes, a small town in France attracts a lot of pilgrims every year as it is associated with many Marian apparitions. Israel is also a safe region in which to travel alone, either as a male or a female, just ensure you respect the holy areas by wearing clothing that is appropriate and seemly. Travel on your own or with a group.


Are you looking to take a Christian vacation? Holy Land excursions are arguably one of the most popular types of Christian cruise vacations. It is believed to be the path where Jesus walked on his way to crucifixion.

Christian Cruise Vacations

Staircases lead the visitors down to the Holy Crypt, the precise place where Jesus was born. It is located in Holywell, Wales. Tradition says that a drop of milk from Mary fell on the floor while nursing Jesus and turned the whole cave white. According to legend, impressive most a widow named Richeldis was a noble lady and was known for her devotion to God. But they all sail to some of the world's most beautiful places!

You will never be the same again. With travel companies offering an array of Christian cruise options, it's easier than ever for travelers to find one that fits their budget, interests, and values. Book today and get the best cabin locations and rates! The tombs of the three visionaries are also present in the Basilica. Find out more from our selected Christian vacations below.

On these, you can do both - indulge in the pampering elements of the cruise ship vacation, and satisfy your spiritual needs. Walk in the footsteps of Jesus, from the stations of the cross to the Sea of Galilee. Names of Jesus in the New Testament. Carefully investigate the activities when you choose a Christian cruise- find those appealing to you.

There are options for everyone to try something fun that will help meet other individuals sharing the same religious beliefs. Tours for Senior Citizens. The papal enclave of the Vatican also lies within boundaries of Rome. About us Contact us Sitemap. Travel through Macedonia, then south to Corinth and eventually travel to Athens, a bustling city where Paul preached one of his most important sermons.

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These educational programs offer creative and intellectual opportunities to expand your scholarly horizons while enjoying a cultural and spiritual adventure. Saint Anne was the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. But if you investigate different travel agents, you will be able to find the voyage that appeals to you exactly. It is believed that the Virgin Mary appeared to a peasant named Juan Diego in and asked him to have a church built here.

  1. The healing waters have miraculously cured many.
  2. Usually, themed cruise deals are traded via themed travel agencies.
  3. As Christian travel becomes more and more popular, travel companies that cater to Christians will continue to expand their Christian cruise offerings.
  4. Christian vacation cruises are a perfect way to balance your holiday with spiritual growth and well being.
  5. Visit historic sites in Oxford, Cambridge, and London, or perhaps even join the C.
  6. It is one of the oldest working Christian monasteries.

Not very far from Tabgha is the Mount of Beatitude where Jesus delivered his sermon on the mount. Many pilgrims come here from all over the world to seek blessings and healing. This basilica is the largest Church in North America. Christian Cruises offers two seven-day Caribbean cruise itineraries.

Be an extension of God's hands and heart to people in other cultures. The Virgin Mary appeared again and asked Juan Diego to present flowers to the bishop as proof. The most preferred day of worship is the day of the Feast of the Assumption. The shroud is a cloth believed to bear the imprint of the body of Jesus Christ.

Christian Cruise Vacations

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Your personal behavior can be Christ-like everywhere, no matter where the voyage may be. History says that a hermit called Pelagius saw a mysterious light shining over a Roman tomb in the middle of the forest. There are also many activities provided, which appeal to all ages.

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Our Lady of Health Basilica is built on a site where Mary appeared with Jesus on three different occasions. The Church of Holy sepulcher is also the traditional site of the resurrection. Three fishermen in search of large volumes of fish accidentally caught a beheaded statue of Mary and after a while found the head too. According to tradition, angels took her body to Mount Sinai.

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