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Your eligibility for consolidating federal loans is based on the types of federal loans you have, not your income or credit. It's Free If you do it yourself, consolidating your federal student loans is free. As a result, you'll have fewer loans to keep track of and fewer monthly payments to make. You can always change your repayment plan in the future.

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When you refinance your student loans into a private consolidation loan, you may have the option to pick the repayment term for your new loan. Consolidating your student loans could help you stay organized. In addition to requiring your explicit permission, these credit pulls may impact your credit score. But participation does not always guarantee a rosier outlook. However, your new private loan won't have the same benefits of a federal student loan, such as eligibility for federal repayment plans and forgiveness programs.

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Variable interest terms that come with some student loans are subject to fluctuations, so locking a fixed rate makes sense. Although loan consolidation may not save you money, it could still be worth considering for several reasons. It Simplifies Your Bills Many borrowers have more than one student loan to keep track of each month. When you consolidate your loans, the lender pays off your existing loans and issues you a new loan for the combined amount. The Health Care and Educatioon Reconciliation Act of made fundamental changes in the way student loans are administered.

However, some people hire a company or student loan expert to guide them through the process. Direct Consolidation changes are irreversible. The consolidation process itself could take several weeks or months. The benefit will discontinue and be lost for periods in which you do not pay by automatic deduction from a savings or checking account.

This means that unless you change your repayment plan, you'll owe roughly the same amount each month and pay about the same amount in interest over the lifetime of the loan. Pre-Consolidation Considerations Loan consolidation allows students to package existing educational debt into a single government loan. Soft credit inquiries allow SoFi to show you what rates and terms SoFi can offer you up front. Because consolidation results in a new loan, the forbearance and deferment limits are reset by the process.

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Some candidates are better off sticking with the status quo. Students that need assistance beyond federal loans and scholarships seek private student loans. This may be useful if you've had trouble making payments in the past and want to ensure that you have these options in the future.

Consolidating Federal and Private Loans Together You may be able to consolidate your private and federal loans together with a private lender who offers combined consolidation. Switching to an income-driven plan or the Extended Repayment Plan could be a good option to reduce your monthly payment amount. Similar to consolidating your private loans, your new loan's interest rate will depend on several factors, including your credit history and choice of a fixed or variable rate. However, placing your loan in a forbearance or deferment will increase the overall cost of your loan.

Not all borrowers receive the lowest rate. The interest rate on a private consolidation loan will be fixed or variable depending on what you choose, and it could be lower than the original interest rates on your private or federal loans.

Federal Consolidation Loan Federal Consolidation allows some students to realize better interest rates and structured repayment that is within reach. Subsidies for banks that gave student loans were eliminated, and the student loan program took on a self-funded model. The Bank of America Student Program Consolidation Loan gives borrowers the flexibility to roll multiple private education loans into one consolidated loan. If you are struggling to make monthly student loan payments, consolidating your student debt might be required to protect your credit. Consolidating and extending the repayment schedule of your loans adds more interest, which has the potential to add considerable costs to your total debt obligation.

However, keep in mind that lengthening your original loan term with consolidation will increase the overall cost of your loan. Hard credit inquiries or hard credit pulls are required for SoFi to be able to issue you a loan. Unlike hard credit inquiries, soft credit inquiries or soft credit pulls do not impact your credit score.