Cultural Dating Differences

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In this case, the teacher is not to blame but it is the student who needs counseling. Ask him how he feels about it and don't try to persuade him to change his feelings. Unethical relationships between the teacher and the student would have been unthinkable in such a cultural environment.

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In other places, people date many partners before settling down. There is nothing wrong in having a close, friendly, healthy relationship with your teacher. But how couples get to the point of marrying is a whole different story. The issue of teacher-student dating remains highly sensitive and controversial and provokes a lot of strong sentiments in a lot of people. He will lose his job and future.

Ancient civilizations like India attach great importance to the student-teacher relationship, which has been traditionally idolized. In Western Europe, dating among teenagers is usually a group activity, such as going to a party or a club. Some peers, who are teachers and students by circumstance, can be involved romantically without offending anyone.

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Public displays of affection like kissing in public are socially acceptable. For adults, dates are more likely to be one-on-one and more formal. Based on your personality test scores, education, income and location, your matches represent your best shot at dating success with us.

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The choice is usually made based on social status or the alliance between families, rather than romance. Allowing mentorship to turn into romance breaks the trust on which a healthy student-teacher relationship is founded. Most marriages are arranged, and men and women are generally separated until they meet each other in a supervised date before marriage.

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Drinking can be an important factor in mustering the courage to tell someone you like them. The whole environment gets spoilt. Africa The dating practices vary widely across the continent. The degree to which the teacher-student romance is abhorred depends usually on the age difference between the two. As we become more and more globally connected, it's important to understand how such a personal and essential thing as finding a partner happens in different cultures.

The teacher occupies an influential position. Dates are seen as a way to test out a potential partner before making a commitment to a relationship. This includes a girl attending evening classes run by a classmate who has moved ahead in life.