Dating a devil worshiper, what girls & guys said


Soon as he finds a way to benefit from hurting you, he'll do it with no remorse. Fragments of our own psyche? It sounds like the philosophy of a masochist. You implied it in the statement you made.

Its sad christians have mixed it up with fucked up lunatics in crazy cults, when satanism in itself isn't bad at all. Personally, I feel that would create a more altruistic form of helping people. You should probably be very afraid around him. You've seem to already made up your mind about what satanism is, indian android dating so I'm not even sure if this is worth bothering with.

Would this be equivalent to Hitlerism is quite good. Where do you fit in the definitions of Satanism given above? If it's just casual satanism then Im okay.

Though I may do it, it's not a driving force in my live. LaVey was not a nihilist in the fatalistic sense. What makes you think I would? As you see from my comen i specified that i'd be ok with only the later! Get your delusions in check.

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Dating a devil worshiper

NovemberJoseph Not true Christians. You know what the most tiresome thing about LaVeyan Satanism is? The ones in opposition say so. If not, do you believe in right and wrong?

Their whole religion teaches them that it's okay to discard, cheat, and hurt people at your convenience. That was already mentioned in this thread, so why have you ignored that? No, I wouldn't date a religious person.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. If someone is murdered, the murderer was responsible for it, not the devil or some other supernatural force. Sounds like he's a genuine Devil worshiper. No, for the same reason I wouldn't date a Christian.

Also i love how you judge them so hard. So are you a Satanist, Blackskirt? In texts, both Christan and Satanist - Satan gave us free will, self-awareness and the power of knowledge.

There is no way to have an enforcable contract with them. The thing that's meant by that statement is that people should be held accountable. Your above statement is cleary a projection of what you want to see, provided by later-day Christian theology. Sort Girls First Guys First. It's nice that you so keenly believe in evil, but that doesn't speak for everyone.

Would you date a satanist

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  2. Despite your witty dismissal of my argument that the actions of the Nazis seem eminently consistent with Satanist philosophy, you haven't really refuted it or destroyed it with any real logic.
  3. Satanist will not endorse the killing of anyone unless they're attacked first.
  4. It is not worship of self.
  5. Every other peripheral attribute would only serve as fluff for our egos.
  6. Which is something that can be said for anyone.

Devil worship dating sites - WHW

It's one thing to agree with certain points of a person's philosophy, as opposed to worshipping a human being with religious tenets that aren't terribly profound either. No, I don't believe in the concept of evil. As long as her morals, and life goals are similar to mine, I don't care what imaginary deity they worship. First off, I don't follow LaVey, top dating sites uk free so your assertion there is a straw man.

And after all, why didn't Jesus come to bring peace? Indulgence doesn't denote compulsion. However comparing it to Nazis would be reductio ad Hitlerum, a logical fallacy.

Dating a devil worshiper
Dating a devil worshiper

You're seeing it through a typical Christian lens. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Blackskirt, should you be I don't know if Satanists are thieves or not. As it's a belief that you should only help those who are deserving of help. Still sounds pretty destructive to me.

The Satanic Bible didn't exist during the period when the Nazi party was prominent in Germany. However it is a much needed opposition to the cult of Abraham. Funny you say that, as most people don't feel any either. LaVey found a modern day group of gullible souls willing to pay him for the privilege of telling them what they wanted to hear. The encouragement would depend of the Satanist.

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Ever hear of Godwin's Law? Secondly, you have misinterpreted that passage. LaVey tapped into an audience, and made no bones about his money making.

Can't wait for Jesus to come down in his flying saucer and kill them all with his laser sword. Whuch one is better for a first date? Anyone could find a way to justify commiting a crime, religion has nothing to do with that. Is that according to the clocks set in Greenwich or Hell? Where is the encouragement to undertake humanitarian causes, to sacrifice one's time and effort for the good of others, for instance?

Dating a devil worshiper

Actually being a satanist is a bad thing. Don't mistake them for the same thing. Humans have destroyed themselves for as long as they've existed. No rationalization necessary. The commandments of Satanism are okay.

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Funnily enough, more people have died under the name of God than Satan. So what's your interpretation of the passage? Couldn't this philosophy justify just about any crime provided that they thought they could get away with it and not cause their own self destruction? When these have gone the way of the dodo bird and nihilistic philosophies such as Satanism become the norm, then we will surely destroy ourselves.

Devil worship dating sites

  • Would you date a satanist?
  • Humans are responsible for their own action.
  • What exactly is it that I am supposed to be ignoring?
  • But things were never like that in the beginning.

How would you be able to trust one. Originally, Satan was nothing more than God's strongman ref. So I stand by my statement either way I don't really care either way whether it's the same or not it's not right.

Dating a devil worshiper
Dating a devil worshiper
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