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Suggested links may be displayed based on what you input. The Ylang-Ylang is more discreet, giving softness and transparency to the top notes. It does not say Paris on it which I heard the older bottles don't? The Parfum version of the No.

Excellent fragrance, since I met her I am a faithful consumer of this product, I just love it. The two small samples were a good bonus. Chanel is an iconic perfume with a timeless scent, I feel fabulous when I wear it, and I always receive compliments on the scent.

Dating chanel no 5

Questions For Similar Products. It's so romantic and beautiful. Does the fact that it is sealed provide any guarantee that it isn't fake?

It is lighter than a Parfum version of a fragrance. His name was Alain Wertheimer and he introduced the copyright and registration marks to protect the Chanel name. The back of the box has the double-C logo in silver ink.

So it seems like your batch code might be off by a few months. You gave a very good description of the packaging. The rich history of this iconic fragrance brings life to the ordinary. The best for ladylike women. The plaque itself was usually an oval or round hangtag, or it was attached directly onto the piece.

The logo is slightly engraved. Received this from my hubby as a birthday gift. It wasn't until the late s that cellophane started to become a regular feature on perfume box packaging.

N 5 - Cologne & Fragrance

Dating chanel no 5 bottles

Beautifully packaged, dating wonderful perfume and an easy website to navigate. Start typing your question and we'll check if it was already asked and answered. This perfume has always been very special to me because it's my mother's favorite perfume.

This guide with help you translate some of the most common words that are found or may be found on French or German antiques and vintage co. Something else to look for is obvious soldering marks. Why should they want to smell like flowers? As always, a timeless scent that will carry you through your life.

How to date your bottle of Chanel No. 5
  1. Been wearing it for many years and never get tired of it.
  2. Such a beautiful classic and very reasonably priced.
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  4. The writing on the front of the box is flat.

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Dating chanel no 5 bottles Dating apps in india that work

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My husband loves that I wear it also! Indeed, it was Chanel who introduced the whole concept of costume jewellery, larger than life pieces that deliberately played on the fact that the materials were not precious. According to Chanel, the formula used to produce No. Thank you for never changing or replacing it! This is and has been my only fragrance.

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No workmanship should be visible on a genuine vintage Chanel piece. Chanel is my favorite fragrance Savannah P. About the Chanel batch codes, a few years ago there was a thread on Basenotes in which some members figured out the modern-day Chanel batch code.

N 5 Eau de Parfum Spray


N 5 - Cologne & Fragrance

This would help make the ringlets soft and shining. Of course it is also possible that none of the dates on the datecalculator site make any sense at all, so don't take any of the above too seriously. That website returns the same date if you just enter the first four digits. It's impossible to know it, just cumbria dating reading the batch numbers alone. And the most difficult thing is that there isn't any correlation between numbers and years.

Been wanting some since my other bottle had run out. Hello, Today I purchased a bottle of Chanel No. Review More Purchases My Posts. The Eau De Parfum version of a fragrance is a long lasting fragrance that will last on your skin through out the day. Today I purchased a bottle of Chanel No.

Free-blown bottles have no mold seamsbottles made in part-size molds may have a mold seam around the bottle at the shoulder the upper part of the bottle was finished by hand. This is as good as it get's. Questions that need answers My Posts. My husband loves the fragrance on me and always compliments me when wearing it. Evokes the best of times and settings.

This gift set was sold well into the s and could be had in various different Chanel perfumes. The plaque is usually attached directly to the item of jewellery, or appears in the form of an oval hangtag. Although you and I are in agreement about the first two digits of the batch code representing the counting of months, I believe your dates might be off by some months.

They are manipulated in the laboratory at crucial stages of chemical reaction whereby the process arrests and isolates the scent. Well, you have to consider only the first two numbers, i. Genuine hangtags are very thin and slightly elongated, while fake ones are often fatter and slightly more rounded. Hello What a fantastic post - thank you So much! That was a gift for my mother.

Trying to find things out has been difficult! Am I doing something wrong? Please note that this isn't always foolproof. Ask it out, and bring it some nice flowers.

Hello, This is a great blogpost, thank you very much for researching and sharing this information. Recently i bought a container of the dusting powder that i just described. From this date, Chanel introduced two annual collections to coincide with the couture catwalk shows, one in Spring, and the other in Autumn. Very happy with my purchase. These are hard to find today because they were generally used only by hairdressers in salons and once they were used, the bottles were thrown away.

The Ultimate Guide to Dating Chanel Jewellery

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Check details on bottle and box to know the exact date. The only important numbers are first and second one. The fragrance was worn by my Grandmother, is worn by my Mother, and I wear it, mindy dating too! Amazing purchase and such amazing history behind the fragrance. Because it's my Mom's favorite scent.

Dating chanel no 5 perfume

How to date your bottle of Chanel No. If the datecalculator is reliable, and if Chanel always used the first two numbers to identify the year and month of manufacture, it still wouldn't tell you which month cycle your bottle was made in. In rare cases the hangtag is hexagonal.

Raiders of the Lost Scent How to recognize CHANEL perfumes

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  • This was a gift for my mother.
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The Ultimate Guide to Dating Chanel Jewellery

The Ultimate Guide to Dating Chanel Jewellery Very Vintage
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