Dating divas jenga blocks

Dating divas jenga blocks

Many couples will want toSmooth transparent tape to coverQuestions topics or ideas

Plus, your pals can take their finished works of art home to spruce up their homes. Just print it out, cut it out and use a small brad fastener to attach the arrow spinner. Put your spare washi tape to use by whipping up this super simple game of tic tac toe. Stack up a teetering game of giant Jenga, get crafty with mini pumpkins and nail polish or throw the ole pigskin around.

Play a song for us on your phone. Stack the blocks and determine which ones you want to paint. Have your guests make pumpkin pie slice hats as soon as they walk in the door.

Brighten up a giant set of Jenga blocks with a few coats of colorful paint. The game is a great way to get to know and to earn bonus points with your date.

Paint your blocks and let them fully dry. This made it so much easier. Choose wisely and you may be able to steer the mood for the evening, answer a few burning questions, or even get a great idea for what date to plan next. Gift this game to your honey, or bust it out with a bottle of champagne after dinner.

Questions, topics, or ideas to put on the blocks. Many couples will want to both answer each question for the both of them. Smooth transparent tape to cover the block if you want to be able to peel off what you have rewritten so that the game blocks stay clean. You may wish to cross out or a put a notch on the tape with a Sharpie or pencil so that you know you have had this piece before if you pull it again later. Decide what you think is an appropriately balance between getting to know the person better, having some fun, being romantic, and sharing a genuine moment.

You may wish to cross

Write dares, questions, demands, and declarations on your blocks. Other than this, make the setting as romantic or casual as you would like. To create a pattern, mark the number of blocks you need to paint. Just add one to every other place setting so each person can break the wishbone with their seat partner. Alternatively, you could dab a bit of paint on each one while they are in the stack.

Do It Yourself Valentine's Day Jenga Game Project

Before you know it, each of your friends will have a pretty pumpkin to take home. We took the risk and free-handed ours. If there's a project at hand, she'll figure out how to make it.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Time spent painting and sipping mulled wine is never time wasted. Choose your location, add lighting, provide food or drinks, and play music like you would or would not for any date.

All it takes to make these half-dipped marbled pumpkins is water and nail polish. Use it as an opportunity to ask one or two questions you may have been too shy to ask yet just shrug and say you got the question off the Internet. Your first order of business is writing on the blocks. Hand your friends one of these booklets and watch the laughfest begin. After all, what you write on the blocks is up to you.

It even blends seamlessly into your tablescape until flipped over to reveal a series of fun questions. Sharpie goes on more smoothly over the block surface than pencil or pen. Have fun getting silly and learning about your boo. We stacked the blocks and counted the number of blocks we wanted to paint each color.