Dating remington pocket knives

Dating remington pocket knives

Also a number of commemorative

At this point, the historical record gets quite vague. Instead of jumping into the knife lake fully clothed, the company very tentatively stuck a toe in the water.

The Bullet Knife was

The biggest takeaway from these statements is that all Remington knives will be made in the U. If I am correct, this can only work to the benefit of all concerned parties, i. In recent years, the lower echelon of the Remington knife line has been imported. The trust that Remington Outdoor Co. This bit of historical trivia is relevant to what came later.

The Vintage Series

Also, a number of commemorative knives have been produced during the modern era. Further, an occasional special edition knife is produced that is neither an annual Bullet Knife nor a commemorative, per se. The name Remington immediately conjures images of firearms, ammunition and a range of other products.

Further an occasional

This includes the Sportsman Series, which at present consists entirely of imports. This was the genesis of the modern Bullet Knife series. What happened between and is not at all clear. Initially, I will focus on the upscale part of the line, which consists totally of U. They did this by commissioning Camillus Cutlery Co.

In following years, the bullet shield was used on other top of the line knife patterns. The brand also has a historical and current place in the world of sporting knives, though the Remington brand has occupied only a niche in the knife market in recent times. Yes, I feel much better now, and thank you for asking.

Remington Pocket Knife Tang Stamps

The Bullet Knife was a reproduction of the original R trapper. The Vintage Series knives were ghastly, worthless and I am glad they are gone.