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She did not share any profiles or guarantees or refund options. They draw from a wading pool of men that are no longer in their contract and try to fix them up with women who are disappointed with their dates. When I asked to end the contract, after Dad's death, it was not an option, but they very pleasant matchmaker wanted to have me have a great remaining experience.

There are other men who are unavailable and dating women and yet they are fixed up with women who have paid thousands to be a part of this sham. Arrange to pay as you go so when you've had enough, you can stop making payments. Nice for a country drive but not for a crap shoot.

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First you are interviewed by a very attractive, female. Now you can find local singles who are also looking for love and waiting to meet their ideal match. Save your money because the one thing these people can guarantee is that they are going to take it. California Singles This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Hold onto your your money.

Then after all the ego pumping, it's time for the pricing. When I contacted the company, I was given a lot of nonsense about how this couldn't be true. Outgoing, eclectic, youthful, fun.

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They have new people call you each time from call centers to give your the puffed up scoop on your new match. When one is presented to you, they make them sound so great. Her job is to pump up your ego. Their initial interview was professional. Karen started to complain about her time being money and said that she did not work for free.

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Also, stop by the articles to read about relationships, love and dating tips. California Singles and Sonoma Matchmakers is one in the same. Many great women belong to this singles club. They really took the time to ask about what I was looking for and taking care to be mindful of those things.

They are bleak in this part of the world. Believe me, the internet world is a candy store compared to this company. There are no eligible men in the Sonoma County area. Stay away from both of these companies.

Once, they have snagged you, all of that hype becomes the unbearable fiction that you will then endure. At its worst, it is much better than what this company provides and it is a fraction of the price. They have an amazing sales team who will convince you that there is no better way to meet a great man. Looking for the same for eventual soul mate.