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Supporting DXVA 2.0 in DirectShow

Because this example is generic, some of the logic has been placed in helper functions that would need to be implemented by the decoder. The following code shows how to notify the video renderer. Get back to us for further assistance and we will be glad to help.

Make sure you read through the DirectShow documentation to get an idea of what's supposed to happen in a proper DirectShow application. Let me see if there's a way to feed bytes from a memory buffer into a DirectShow graph. This topic assumes that you are familiar with writing DirectShow filters. GetDecoderRenderTargets method.

The all-in-one codec solution

The decoder allocates the uncompressed buffers. Free method to release the surfaces.

How satisfied are you with this reply? Negotiate a new decoder configuration, as described in the section Finding a Decoder Configuration. Unfortunately, a playback version of our software may be installed on existing machines which we have no control over these are not home users though. They are owned by Divx now.

You can perform this step inside the CompleteConnect method. In previous versions of Windows the file played without problems. This step must occur before the allocator is selected, because it affects how the allocator is selected. The decoder must implement a custom allocator for its output pin, as described in the next section. Receive to deliver the frame to the video renderer, as with software decoding.

Licensing issues prevent us from many h codecs and making Microsoft solution ideal. The procedure for configuring the accelerator has changed. These steps are described in more detail in the remainder of this topic. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

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The all-in-one codec solution

Each structure describes one possible configuration for the decoder device. If you don't know I'll just start reading filter graph docs. They have the advanced tools and resources to help you better. Therefore, the decoder must implement a custom allocator that will create the surfaces.

This may be what you want. That would have been a good answer in its own right. Specifically, it describes the communication between the decoder and the video renderer.

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The decoder filter should connect to the renderer using this subtype. The implementations of these methods depend on the specific decoder. Execute to perform the decoding operations on the frame.


The decoder should not reuse a surface to decode another frame until the renderer has released the sample. MainConcept is a company that started in Germany. Did this solve your problem? AmigableClarkKant In Silco's answer stackoverflow.

Elecard is a company out of Russia. Please let me know if you need more details or a sample file.

Supporting DXVA 2.0 in DirectShow

Typically, a decoder device supports a single render target format. The term decoder device refers to a hardware video accelerator implemented by the graphics driver. This step ensures that the video renderer supports hardware-accelerated decoding. Inside this method, mathtype 6.0 equation object create an instance of your custom allocator. SetProperties on the allocator.

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Download MPEG DirectShow Decoder

You need to start with the same filter graph, but then access the raw e. When the video renderer is in this mode, the decoder must provide its own allocator.

You can add also Mainconcept to your list. The following code shows how to find a decoder configuration. Can you also play from a memory buffer instead of a file path? In the remainder of this topic, the term decoder refers to the decoder filter, which receives compressed video and outputs uncompressed video.

The display driver prevents any decoding commands from overwriting the buffer while the buffer is in use. Mainconcept and Elecard are the same company, just different business names used in difference countries. The decoder is no longer responsible for checking when data buffers are safe for updates. But it is possible tools like VirtualDub and AviSynth do it.

If the decoder finds a decoder configuration, the next step is to notify the video renderer that the decoder will use hardware acceleration. TestDevice to test the device handle. It is very very effective.

If there's a better forum for these kind of questions, please let me know. So i'll have to leave it to someone more knowledgeable to mention what's needed to access data moving between filter elements.