Erendira ibarra dating right now

Erendira ibarra dating right now

Of course, the more I heard about the character, the more excited I became and the more I focused on giving the producers and writers the confidence that I could carry such an important role. She spoke to us recently via email about the show, her role, and how she hopes to make a difference with her positive portrayal of an out lesbian.

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This is something that people asked for. You told us that your sister is a lesbian and that she is one of the writers on the show, and that she specifically writes for your character. But that someone never, not by definition, was only a man. And then all of a sudden I was Daniela.

We live together, so we often have the opportunity to sit and have some pretty enlightening one on one talks.

Mariana Torres is a year-old lesbian. It was completely hand-in-hand with the audience.

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The film, which works as both sequel and prequel to the telenovela of the same name, catches audiences up with the Aparicio family while also telling the story of their curse. Check out some highlights below. And I always thought that was great.

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And this is something that started a long time ago. Ibarra is drawn to stories and characters that push audiences to broaden their worldview.

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And we did a lot of things that were very groundbreaking. She is an aspiring actress who owns a small catering business with her best friend Julia Aparicio Liz Gallardo.