Everything You Need to Know About Estonian Culture

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All should be followed with the surname. Also, Skype was created in Estonia. Manners Estonians on the whole are quiet and reserved. That sucked, but it was going to get worse.

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More importantly, though, it has twice been dominated by foreign powers. The gifts are traditionally not wrapped. There aren't enough men for the Estonian women to marry.

Geographically, Estonians have had plenty of reasons to communicate a lot with neighboring Slavic, Baltic, and Germanic people. When you think about it, an ethnic or national identity is based on what makes us different. Age, experience and position earn respect. She told us it was a wedding tradition and considered good luck.

Once you get used to this it's actually kind of cool - you just get to be around each other and enjoy the evening without one of you searching for something to say. Due to seniority titles are very important when addressing people.

Etiquette and Customs in Estonia Meeting and Greeting Greetings can come across as rather formal and rather reserved. It is a local favorite though. Western guys do visit Estonia to hook up with beautiful women, but there's not nearly as many of them in and around Tallinn, for example as there are in other parts of Eastern Europe. Dating an Estonian woman requires you to understand her communication style.

If you manage to crack an Estonian girl's exterior and get her to smile then you've succeeded where many others have not. An additional advantage is that there are more women than men living here, so the odds are stacked in your favor from the very start. Going Dutch or sharing the bill is far less common. Other than that, as I mentioned, they are incredibly accepting and even curious about others. To this day, there is a Russian minority in Estonia and one that is in a very difficult position, due to the turbulent past.

With a plethora of Nordic looking beauties living in this country women who most western men would class as quite spectacular in terms of their appearance will only rate themselves as quite average. At the same time, there are plenty of historical reasons for Estonians to hold their identity dear, so they can be easily offended in that area. You'll see a lot of very sexy girls with bright white blonde hair.

Estonia - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette

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This is not her taking advantage of you but simply reflects the more traditional role a man is expected to play in this culture. With any invitation it is always customary to politely reply as soon as you receive it. Not surprisingly, many Estonians fled to Sweden and other parts of Europe during this period, a large number eventually immigrating to the United States. There's nothing religious about this - Estonians are not religious - but some women might even insist on waiting until they're married to sleep with you, but they tend to be in the minority. First off, thinking of what Estonia looks like, there are a lot of forests, lakes, and a very, very cold sea.

Estonian women value traditions. Another common feature of Estonian culture is the eagerness of people to show off their motherland and their heritage. For that reason, you can expect people here to be very open-minded when it comes to dating. And indeed, Estonian food is very much meat and carb based, with potatoes and rye bread being the carb staples in the diet. The climate is chilly-ish, so it makes sense that Estonians would look toward richer, heartier foods.

Women in the bigger cities like Tallinn will speak English, so it makes sense to learn some Estonian or Russian if you're dating girls from the small towns or cities. It is sweet, cinnamon-flavored, and very hearty due to the added sour cream a very Scandinavian seasoning. Then it got independent for a while, but soon enough the Russian Empire devoured it. Sweets If you think you love bread, try the wonderfully weird leivasupp, that is bread and apple based yup, you read right.

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Main dishes When it comes to savory dishes, mulgipuder is a simple, warm, and comforting porridge made with groats and potatoes. When invited to someones home it is customary to bring a gift, usually wine, chocolates or flowers. Like many European countries many women in Estonia speak at least some English.

In fact, they value silence just as much as they value conversation. But before we jump into food, customs and traditions, and dating, there is one influence on Estonian culture that we failed to mention. Some guys even claim that there is a higher percentage of sexy white blondes in Estonia than in any other country in the world.