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This feature can be thought of as a peculiar form of steganography that disguises your most sensitive information as other, less sensitive, hidden data. No matter how sturdy your safe is, it won't do you a whole lot of good if you leave the door open. If necessary, you can employ a range of such tactics.

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Plus, we should think up a simple code we can use to protect names and locations that we absolutely have to record. You open this hidden volume by providing an alternate password that is different from the one you would normally use. It's not just Windows passwords you need to worry about, either.

It is in this context that VeraCrypt's deniability feature, which is discussed in more detail below, comes into play. Maybe we should use some unrelated financial documents or a list of website passwords or something. Returning to the analogy of a locked safe, there are a few things you should bear in mind when using VeraCrypt and tools like it.

Alright, so let's toss some junk into the standard volume, and then we can move all our testimonies into the hidden one. The VeraCrypt Guide explains how to do this. VeraCrypt supports encrypted volumes on portable storage devices. This is a bit like hiding your safe behind a painting on the wall of your office.

Of course, he may very well know that VeraCrypt is capable of hiding information in this way, so there is no guarantee that the threat will disappear as soon as you reveal your decoy password. Even if a technically sophisticated intruder gains access to the standard volume, he will be unable to prove that a hidden one exists. Storing confidential data can be a risk for you and for the people you work with. Just because the legitimate reasons to encrypt data outnumber the illegitimate ones does not make this threat any less real. Many people have reasonable concerns about incriminating themselves by using encryption.

That way, your sensitive information is likely to remain safe even if your other security efforts prove inadequate. But, for that to be convincing, we need to make sure those files look kind of important, don't you think? The first step to protecting sensitive information is to reduce how much of it you keep around. In addition VeraCrypt is a free and open source program.

This exposes you to various non-technical methods through which that intruder might attempt to gain access, such as intimidation, blackmail, interrogation and torture. There are two general approaches to the challenge of securing your data in this way. However, even in circumstances where you are concerned about self-incrimination, it may be safest to use VeraCrypt anyway, while attempting to disguise your encrypted volume as best you can. This will allow you to access your data on other people's computers.

What about other users on the same computer? If your Windows password doesn't protect you from intruders, how can it protect you from other people with accounts on the same computer?

In fact, your My Documents folder is normally visible to anybody, so other users wouldn't even have to do anything clever to read your unencrypted files. If want to make your encrypted volume less conspicuous, you can rename it to look like a different type of file. It is always best to have several layers of defence, however, which is why you should also protect the files themselves. They have spent several months collecting testimonies from witnesses to the human rights violations that have been committed by the military in their region. If the details of who provided these testimonies were to become known, disney princess enchanted journey pc it would endanger both the courageous people who testified and members of the organisation in that region.

Other extensions would be more realistic for smaller volumes. Well, maybe we don't actually need to store information that could identify the people who gave us these testimonies. Such reasons might include legal or physical threats to your own safety, or that of your colleagues, associates, friends and family members. Alright, now you have me worried. If they manage to take it away for a while, then you're in even worse trouble.

VeraCrypt's deniability feature is one of the ways in which it goes beyond what is typically offered by file encryption tools. In fact, however, threats like this may have nothing to do with the legality of the tools in question. Otherwise, why would we bother to encrypt them? Well, I was thinking about that. The purpose of deniability is to give you a chance of escaping from a potentially dangerous situation even if you choose to continue protecting your data.

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The Further reading section, below, can point you to more information about this. One issue with keeping a safe in your home or office, to say nothing of carrying one in your pocket, is that it tends to be quite obvious.

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Encrypting your information is a bit like keeping it in a locked safe. While it may be true that no one else can read it, an intruder will know that it is there, and that you have taken steps to protect it. The second step is to use a good file encryption tool, such as VeraCrypt. It might not hold up under close inspection, but it will offer some protection. Only you know that your safe contains a hidden compartment in the back.

Only those who have a key or know the lock's combination an encryption key or password, in this case can access it. Encryption reduces this risk but does not eliminate it.