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If anybody has any advice or anything Id sincearly appreciate the help! Mine is doing to same thing. Download these instructions if you need additional support. Phone was working fine until my son clicked on the new update and I could not delete it. It has been driving me crazy with my notifications going off every two minutes!

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It only shows me some icons I already have on my startscreen and more important, it blocks space when playing games. That is exactly what I am trying to find out. The next attempt indicates the phone is current. Hold the volume up button, the power button and the menu button all the same time until the Samsung logo come on. Would this update work on a U.

It says the latest updates are in, but only since it was last checked, which for me was when I got my phone. All the main features are organized on the left area of the main window while the detailed conversion is put in the center. For this version, update is not yet available. You have to do the above one and you have no choice to downgrade to earlier version of android. Same with me, tohfa hindi movie mp3 songs it shows Samsung logo only?

Galaxy s3 update

Where I live consumer electronics like cell phones have two years warranty. Wait a second and reinsert the battery.

He said it right and with best intentions but man, gotta write better. Once I was off wi-fi it notified me that it would not continue updating as it would be costly. Sadly however I have to say that this was not Jelly Bean. Strangely hitting that notification area message seems to have no effect at all.

Did you get any solution of this problem. This should make the update get back on track. In the article there are links to other tutorials on this subject.

Hi Liliana Something obviously went wron when you was updating your phone. Removing memory card also helps sometimes. People who are having issues may need to consider that when you buy a phone be it on contract or second hand or sim free brand new like i did that the phone needs to be for the country you are in.

Please let me know if you have any pointers. It seems its not upgrading at all. You have to root your phone for updating otherwise non oficial update using other methods not kies.

Did Sammy do this on purpose? Not much good to bee gotten from a stuck phone is there.

All other features on the phone work though. My messaging app is also doing the same.

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The fastest way to get updates is to use Kies Software from Samsung. After that it was all cool. Still have all my pictures, contacts, music, etc. Thank you so much for posting how to clear this up.

Pick the connect as Media device. Did you ever get this fixed?

You still need to reset root counter. This is called a hard reset.

Let me know how it turned out. It started to freeze and to reboot a few times per day.

How to update the Samsung Galaxy s3 to the latest firmware version

Just showing the samsung logo, please help me fix it. Ever since the newest update, my phone will no longer keep the apps I set for my default apps.

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Happened a couple of weeks ago and had to do full factory reset. If that does not help you should look into doing a factory reset. Although updating your phone to the latest firmware should not entail any risk there is a small chance that some of your data could get lost. It could be the case though that the latest update is just a tad too much to handle.