Fretwork Patterns

We would impress upon some of our readers this very point, because we have seen some of their work which certainly does not carry out the advice we so often give in these pages. The overlays and roof are buff, and the main body brown. This is done in order that we may have a strong board whilst we are beveling the edge of the overlay where it rests against the glass. Take longer than usual in cleaning all these parts, rather than rush the work and damage some of the delicate pieces. It is advisable to glue on the overlay or antofret panel to the main ends before the complete piece is fitted in position.

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Below the lower ledge we have the simple overlay containing the date, whilst at the top of the picture and above the upper ledge we have an overlay holding in place the small circular beveled mirror. The wide or front end, however, does not glue to the hull itself but projects in order to allow the sweep or guiding oar to pivot through. These four pieces fit exactly into the groove of the moulding, and are made the same height. In marking off the position of this mortise on the legs, have all four together in order to ensure that the notch may come level on all pieces. These are to take the cross strips which come on the underside of the forecastle deck.

Scroll saw and fretwork vector patterns

Scroll saw and fretwork vector patterns

In this way we shall relieve the tension of continually cutting the inlaid panel and so serve to make for better work and less impatience. These letters stand out quite clearly if cut correctly, but if any of them are misshapen or drop out of their correct alignment, the complete text seems to be spoiled. When these sides are cut they can be tested in the grooves with the ornamental edge flush with the top.

Neither should we leave the thin stem wide enough to make it look a thick one. In this way we ensure the sides being upright when we come to fix them in place. The floor of the cabinet is now glued inside, with screws run through from the back and front to further hold it in place.

Fretwork Projects for the Scroll Saw

On a second we have the two fretted ends and the second rail, with the four small uprights. This is much better than pasting the actual patterns down, because there are several other points on each showing you other positions.

The reason is obvious, and the attractive pieces of work which can be built quite easily and cheaply will undoubtedly be commenced immediately by a large number of workers. In this section you can download free patterns in pdf format. Round scroll saw ornament.

The channels which hold the ends of the ladders are fitted to each side projecting outwards from the hull. The top of the coach is wired up with brass wire as can be seen in the detail of the finished model. There is a small halvings joint at B into which the bracket stiffener will later be tested, and there is the large square opening into which the blocks are to be put to hold the candle socket screw.

Scrollsaw coaster patterns. The boats themselves were very squat in comparison with our present-day streamline models, being very broad in the beam and almost flat at the bow and stern.

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This saves a considerable amount of room on the sheet, and otherwise we should not have been able to give you such a large cabinet. The model completed would catch the eye of anyone, and actually it is one of the simplest we have yet published for making and finishing.

These are the widths of the coach only and do not extend to the side overlays. Hobbies by Charles Fortney.

Then as an overlay we have the kiwi, which is indeed a feature which could not be introduced into any other country's characteristics. Look at the photographs of it herewith. Notice, too, the thick and thin stems of the letters, and see that they are even in each one. For instance, the framework of the coach is made up of the two sides and a number of pieces going between. Be sure to get the glue well into these parts, so that the top cabinet portion may be quite rigid on its plinth.

The old coach is a picturesque reminder of old times, and certainly forms a very novel subject for the model maker. The whole part can now be cleaned up, and we suggest that the centre piece of the postcard opening be replaced to help to hold the whole part more firmly. The raised platform in this stern provided the navigator a clear vision forward over the deck cabin immediately in front of him. As these sides are put in we must add the stretcher in the bottom of the leg, and see that it rests securely in the mortise already tested. The doors, too, need some attention before they are actually fitted in.

So far as the work of cutting the back is concerned, we would advise the worker to leave the mirror aperture until last. This glass lies in the aperture of the main door, is held in from the front by the overlay and fixed at the back by matchstick-like strips glued along the edges. The lower portion of the hull is white, whilst the overlay strip on the sides are buff or cream. All this work can be done temporarily, but before the sides are actually put on they should be built up with their overlays. These remarks, too, apply to the overlays at A.

Fretwork Projects for the Scroll Saw

Having completed the back, it can be laid on one side whilst we proceed with the making of the actual bracket which is to hold the candle socket. In both of them screw-holes are required, and it will be a good plan to have the two boards held together so that we may make the screw-holes through both at once. The brass wire is for all these seat fittings, whilst the iron wire of a thicker gauge is to be used on the undercarriage stays as will be shown. There is no need to finish the door off entirely, but merely to cut it out to the outline, then use it to fit up to into the aperture of the two side rails, and the top and bottom lying long ways.

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Another method is to shape off with a long, flat file, and in any case the result is the same as we show in the drawing herewith. This can be added with a brush and does not cover the grain. Its feathers are hair-like in appearance, and it is apparently without wings. Neither the deck nor the thicker pieces, it will be noted, go to the extreme edge of the upright keel piece. These sweeps pivoted through the projecting sides, long handles being provided to reach up to where the navigator stood.

Fretwork Projects for the Scroll Saw

They form ribs and two of them are shown as an example on the sheet whilst a detail of them is given herewith. The hull has a light natural grain with a darker enamel used on the main pieces of plywood. This again is, shown in the detail.

Free scroll saw fretwork patterns In this page I share with you a large collection of free scroll saw fretwork patterns. Again, the floor of the cabinet is fitted to the sides by halving joints, best of zafar iqbal mp3 songs so that altogether we have a variety of joints in the article which will prove our ability in carpentry and fretwork. In this web site I will show you my scroll saw fretwork. Furniture scroll saw patterns. Free patterns In this section you can download free patterns in pdf format.

It is a good plan, by the way, to shape off the swan's neck at the stern by rounding the parts slightly to give a more realistic finish. It had a capacity of about tons and was under ft. The honeysuckle pattern is glued to the back so that it stands on the top of the mirror overlay. To prevent the door straining inwards, two small stops are provided, and they are glued inside the cabinet front half-way across so as to hold both doors. Better, therefore, to do it now than to put the piece on one side until we have some more.

By the way, in cutting out this back, you will note that the counties of the two islands are indicated merely by long narrow lines. Having cut and cleaned the back, it can be put aside whilst we proceed with the various other and smaller parts forming the overlays. The other pieces are fitted up in their order.