Gana in matchmaking

Gana in matchmaking

They show the Kundli to assess the ganas of bride and groom. This can produce many hard paperback volumes if one decides to write a thesis on it. By taking names of the Lord, you have paid obeisance to all the portions of this Universe.

You also need to look at the Rashi lords of both horoscope. Similar or friendly Rashi lords are also very important for seeing the overall compatibility.

Gana koota, which is one of the Ashtkootas, is utilized to assess the positive points or the Gunas in the horoscopes. Planet Jupiter and Mercury contain contain Satvik Guna. If a couple of Mahadashas of auspicious planets come, even an ordinary looking horoscope proves to be a lucky one.

They show the Kundli to assess

So you can see these qualiies are almost similar to the Rakshas Gana people we discussed above. The objective of the study was to find out or verify the ill effects of the various Doshas in actual life, as enunciated by our seers in their classical works.

By taking names of

Gana Dosha and Married Life

So even if the Ganas do not match, the marriage will still be considered favorable if other factors match and the overall compatibility score is high. Therefore Gana factor i a crucial factor affecting the decision on marriage compatibility. Without these, our knowledge would be incomplete. Most of the time they think about themselves only and hardly think about others human and creatures.

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