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It caused an upset when it laid claim to several states in the General Elections then, including Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan and several more. Malaysia, conversely, has some catching up to do in this regard. These ballot papers will be then mailed to their respective constituencies for counting alongside the other regular ballots. Regardless, we made the effort to visit each other and had many romantic excursions, from the Eureka Skydeck to the hot springs out in Mornington Peninsula.

These should reach within the two weeks between the nomination and Election Day. The demographic composition of Melbourne is such that, by and large, we are an egalitarian society and a melting pot of different peoples living in harmony.

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Her ability to adapt and to get along with others enabled her to easily become a respectable ambassador for both her own family as well as mine. We have seen and heard news where citizens have taken to the streets in protest. However, she failed to present any concrete plan on how the proposed corporate tax hike can be implemented.

It was an eye opening experience and we were able to come into contact with key people in government, academics, former judges and the like. For others, summer vacations and annual leave spent visiting home is enough to get them through the years apart.

My wife unfortunately faced much prejudice and persecution by her peers during our early days. Whereas in Melbourne, you get to see people with all sorts of skin colours as well as different fashion preferences, accessories and hairstyles. At least ten Malaysian restaurants have opened in the Melbourne region last year. However, in the long run, local economists warned against providing a blanket free education system.

This Chinese New Year I am lobbying the family not to have sharks fin soup as part of our reunion dinner. It's pretty easy to do so when they look so passable and so feminine, and that's actually the only thing they are asking for.

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Nevertheless, he loved his experience there and would grow to love this Malaysian girl more and more. He also argued that education is the responsibility of the individual and their parents, not the government alone. Respect has to be earned through what we say and what we do. Even the hottest summer day can end with a freezing night. It really is so exciting that AirAsiaX has come out in support of the effort.

We got quite a few curious stares and whisperings behind our backs, and he was always losing me in a sea of dark haired people. Dr Rameez is popular even amongst the large number of Malaysian activists in Melbourne hoping for political change in the upcoming Malaysian general election. This may prove problematic should any party have their elected candidates amounting to less than two-thirds of the House. Being a citizen would require of each individual some form of contribution and participation to make things better.