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Regarding her replacement, most of her fans insist, she is irreplaceable. Why do you have to keep causing her tears to flow. Thank you for praying for my lil angel. Juliana's stunning looks in this brown dress.

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Rema has been busy working on her songs for the Kukaliba Concert not having time to respond to her being sacked. It's at this bash that the Tubonga Nawe song will be unveiled. Bobi Wine - Now the Omubanda wa Kabaka's is out of the box. Focus on what God has put you on this earth to do. We hope this is not another case similar to that of Sharon O.

The smooth-voiced singer has been romantically linked to different men including the latest Mr. However, this comes as a shocker considering that a few months back Kleith claimed to be single and not searching. May God bless you all abundantly. Just recently Mega Dee brought in Mr. Juliana decided to take a break for a greater part of this year as she plans something better for her fans.

The big boys, Chameleone, Bebe Cool are yet to be verified! The two were at Serena Hotel enjoying a cool breeze as she sipped her lager, though, end dead she would have loved to be clad in something more revealing than the short she was putting on. Even Rabadaba who had taken a short musical break is back with a bang if his Yo Body and Nzuuno are anything to go by. Juliana's Sister Laura Into Movies. As you can see these shades are trendy now.

Search Results for dating Red Pepper Uganda

In the video, she featured all the women who inspire her ranging from the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Juliana's observation has a bearing on a one Hajji and Nasser Ssebagala. The pair entered the room late in the night and never came out until the morning hours.

Artists to dine with President Museveni. Iryn and Juliana In the past it was I-Jay way back in the year and they were the in thing as far as music was concerned then in Uganda. It was very exciting to experience.

You are an inspiration not just to me but to many. Everything I do, I do for God and my country. Whatever she looked at was Awesome! Something's terribly wrong. At this rate, all these dudes from South Africa will hook themselves a female musician.

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Juliana Kanyomozi's advise to upcoming artists. Thus, I thought it appropriate to write this post on the differences between dating a girl vs a woman. So on this she categorically said No she is not dating Peter Miles.

Some of her fans were comparing her to Iryn. It's two months into the new year and so far, the this threatens to be the most competitive year musically. We attempt to make someone jealous to make them want us more. Break Away Artists the Way to Go. He was training with Edgar Youth Programme.

She is now dating another guy whose name starts with O. Or is it because she is tall, sites dating she has a big body. Thank you all the fans who voted for our mash up Flavour and myself. King Lawrence Where do we begin with these two? The Queen is back in the game.

Meanwhile, Juliana's ex has resorted to decorating his body with multiple tattoos. Bebe Cool's Go Mama album amazing-Juliana. Very beautiful but unlucky! They must have had their luggage in car boots, because, they are clad in the same clothes they were in at Club Venom. Rema, Iryn Namubiru and Winnie Nwagi are some of the female artists patiently waiting to see what she's been up to all this long.

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  1. On Saturday, Juliana thanked all those who were there for her after losing her only angel, Keron.
  2. The awards were part of the celebrations to mark the International Women's Day.
  3. The function kicked off at about pm and ended a few minutes past am on Sunday.
  4. Ya'll need to unfollow now and come home where you belong.
  5. This and so many others rubbed Juliana the wrong way.
  6. All i want to do is sing for my fans that's all, fighting is jus not me.

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Juliana's k show was a sell out, Desire's was k but fairly attended, Judith Babirye tried k only to reduce it to k, but it flopped. That is not going to add any value to you or me. Give her a break, Juliana's sister cries out. Others urge that it's her love for J-Lo that caused all this. In this dress, you could not miss the curves, the almost flat mummy tummy was revealed and of course her relatively big behind.

  • Meanwhile, the couple spent a greater part of this afternoon resting in their hotel room while listening to hits from Tupac and Beyonce.
  • But we are also minding about social and economic issues in the nation.
  • But there's one thing that brings us together, and that's humanity, obuntu.

Juliana has thanked her fans for reaching out to her. Juliana's black lips and Angella's ShsM. In the last three weeks, Juliana has been dominating front pages courtesy of her latest true friend, King Lawrence. Pictures - Juliana Kanyomozi's Son Funeral. One of Uganda's finest singers and city diva Juliana Kanyomozi has refuted claims that she will be getting married to Tusker Project Fame Judge Ian later this month.

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On arrival at Entebbe airport, he was praised. She is taking steps to heal and you need to give her that chance. Iryn has always loved showing off her curvy body and will use every opportunity and so is Juliana, but looking at how they dressed for the bash, they had either been briefed or they knew what to do.

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Realizing that all had failed, she just had to put the guy in and the only time we saw them in a photo together was when they were at the Anti -Corruption court. So if you send your money to these con men, you do so at your own risk. Thank you to my amazing fans for voting, but most of all, for always helping me keep the faith. The Way is her latest but after looking at that video, Mr.

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to entertain you. Kissing is better, eye contact is stronger, talking is easier. Unveiling of Miss Uganda finalists.

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Recently, rumour had it that Mbuga even bought an apartment in Nairobi Kenya and soon Juliana will relocate to Nairobi to occupy her apartment. What was spreading earlier was a rumour. Comparing shots of Juliana's behind and the pic that was posted online, it clearly shows a threefold increase from the singer's known asset. The two have been spotted on several occasions hanging out at parties and doing shopping together. You always reminded me of my late cousin brother prince Roger R.

Juliana Kanyamozi pregnant

Most of her fans are pretty excited about the pregnancy news, the singer is yet to issue a statement like it has been the case on other pertinent issues. Queen not amused by Cindy opening her legs. Any dealings with a verified account means that you are dealing directly with that person or someone authorized to operate that account. You also have the choice to support me in this musical journey or not to. McKenzie was the host of the show on Radio City and somehow, he had wanted to hashtag the Juliana show for the Twitter followers but he could not land on any authentic account.

Desire Luzinda - Her curves and body shape did a lot in boosting her music career. That hatred is poisoning you inside. The body arrived in Uganda on Wednesday morning.

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