Karkata intimidating

Karkata intimidating

No matter how much of an asshole he was, he still seemed pretty lonely. If you'd like to listen to the playlist I made for this fic, go here.

John turned to

Dave said he must have gotten pregnant and dropped out. He held the bouquet of flowers out as a gesture of peace. He felt another stab of pity for the poor boy alone in the hospital, with the sallow skin and the cynical, world-weary eyes. There was no way someone could get so upset over something as silly as a bunch of flowers for no good reason.

John turned to face Jade, who was still reading over his shoulder. When they got bored of that, John decided to switch the instant coffee and tea machines around in the waiting room. John felt the need to do something, anything that would make him feel better. Karkat Vantas had never been one for friends. The match started, and while John fought bravely and honestly, the girls were simply too good.

They smelled like death and whatever cocktail of chemicals used to clean up stale vomit and blood. He didn't think they ever got the stains fully out of the carpet, hehe. Vriska rolled her eyes and threw the controller down at Dave.

If you'd like to know in detail what each of the six main characters look like, look at this. Something thudded against the door, making John jump back in surprise. He stuffed about as much of the slice into his mouth as would fit, and grabbed the spare controller on his lap. John wasn't quite sure what he was doing, but his iPhone had definitely captured his attention. His arms were hidden underneath a thick sweater, but John guessed the rest of his body was in the same condition.

The tacky decor had long since gave way to tile and blinding, emotionless white. She paused, and then threw a hesitant look at Vriska.

They spent most of their time taking turns pushing Fox McCloud to his doom. All he could see was a blur of gray, white, and tacky colors splattered on the walls and every piece of furniture that failed to ever make the place more friendly. The room looked the same as it did yesterday, except the laptop was shut and laying on the dresser by the tv. You take the card to the freak, and I'll spring for pizza. It took a week before the teachers stopped calling his name for attendance.