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One day, for charging a petty case against the son of a Member of Legislative Assembly, Achuthan Nair is transferred to Ramapuram police station. Achuthan is arresting a local goon and is about to take him to the police station from the market center when he encounters Kireekadan Jose, the feared underworld kingpin of the place. Sethumadhavan is targeted again by Keerikadan and, in a bid to escape, ensues a duel with Keerikkadan.

After getting discharged from hospital, Keerikadan Jose decides to avenge Sethu. The second schedule continued in Chennai. Jose who barely survives comes back with a vengeance and forces Sethu to a climactic fight to the death, thereby further ruining Sethu's already devastated life. The movie is wonderful the way of acting of thilikan sir and mohanlal sir was fantastic.

But after ruminating over it, I came to the conclusion that the movie could even be rated over kireedam. In this case, I would like you to watch Chenkol, the continuation of Kireedam. As a matter of fact, typing software for p.c many viewers have rated Chenkol lower to Kireedam.

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Kudos to the late Lohithadas and Sibi Malayil. One day, Achuthan Nair tries to intervene in a scuffle and he is beaten brutally by Keerikadan. This remain as one of his laborious work. Sethu is going away after the fight with character played by Johny. Divya Trisha Krishnan is a charming college student.

The local police inspector Murali arrests Sethu on a petty case and warns him not to create any more fracas. Ennore harbour was the venue of some more stunt scenes. She has some comical run-ins with Sakthi and eventually falls in love with him. Jose kicks Sethu near to the door of a grocery shop. Thilkan as his father was equally superb.

Malayalee will never forget that Thilakan is going to knock down Mohanlal in the climax. While the Hindi film industry has offered some fine films e. Watch the film for the sharp performances by Mohanlal and Thilakan, may be, playing their roles of the lifetime. Achuthan Nair commands Sethu to drop his dagger. Acting performances are noticeably excellent.

Some of the scenes are heart touching and especially after the final fight scene. Sakthivel Ajith Kumar is an implicitly obedient son of a sincere policeman Rajarajan Rajkiran. The crown prince of Indian cinema that he is. Mohanlal got a National special jury award for his sensitive portrayal of Sethumadhavan, a character which will remain in the memory of many a cinemagoer for years.

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To my reckon, this probably may be one among those movie to unleash Mohanlal as a omnipotent actor. Ajith in remake of Mohanlal's super-hit flick? The song was meant to be the lament of a person whose life is wrecked completely for no fault of his, and m. Mohanlal and Thilakan have acted out their best that we can feel their emotional turmoils.

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Anyways regarding this movie, it really doesnt need much of a review. Its pity that Mohanlal just got special jury instead of giving best actor. The movie then shows how the best of people lose everything in life even when they are trying to do good. Prakash Kumar and the film was edited by Anthony. Even now people will have a lump in their throat thinking about how Sethumadhavan's dreams and aspirations get crushed one by one.

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It is at this point that one of the most iconic emotional scenes of the movie commences. At no point does the film sag. This is reworked from the Malayalam film of the same name.

It is difficult to pinpoint which emotion it is. The award jury awarded him the special prize as they could not ignore him. Exceptionally good direction. Prakash Kumar, Trisha and Sadhana Sargam being nominated in their respective categories.

This is not just one of the actor Mohanlal's best but also one of the best movies ever made as far as characterisation goes. Teamwork at its very best. Audible Download Audio Books. Achuthan Nair is deeply disturbed by this and accuses Sethu of slowly turning into a criminal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Vijay Directorial debut films Tamil film scores by G. The album consists of six tracks, five songs and a theme music track composed by G. Songs by Johnson was masterpiece especially Kaneer poovinte, never a keralite can forget this song.

You may, just may, have a disturbing time after watching it. Sreekumar his first Kerala State Film Award. Mohanlal has won many awards for best actor. Thilakan playing the father supports Mohanlal to the core with an almost equally powerful performance which makes Kireedom one of the best movies in the whole of India, not just Malayalam cinema.

Mohanlal should have got the national award for his stellar performance. Lohithadas Malayalam films in series. Kireedam was everything, lucifer wasn't. Kireedam will leave an impact with you that will remain forever in your life.

Movie is juxtaposed in min. He ransacks the entire house and manhandles his mother and sisters. Mohanlal as a stoic protagonist just mesmerize me with his natural acting, he is natural at his best.

The Crown is a Indian Tamil language action drama film directed by A. The film was such a huge success as well as critically acclaimed that two more sequels were made with the same cast.