Oh Yeon-seo and the Legitimacy of Variety Show Love Lines

Lee joon and oh yeon seo dating

And lastly, the JoonSeo couple is undoubtedly very amusing to watch. When I see Oh Yeon Seo getting past her pain from the breakup and continuing to focus on acting, I applaud her as a good actress. But certain incentives allowed Oh Yeon-seo to stay on the show even if her interaction with Joon may appear slightly awkward henceforth.

Sports Seoul via Nate Osen viaIf the JoonSeo couple

However, just recently, their retracted their words again, confirming Lee Jang-woo and Oh Yeon-seo were not dating after finally consulting with her for confirmations. At first, to get a quick response to the curious and pressing public, the company thoughtlessly confirmed the relationship, later correcting themselves in their official statement. Lee Jang Woo's side never offered a statement on this issue, leaving things to die down on their own.

And for hardcore viewers, this could potentially ruin the watching experience since the rumor would make interaction seem all the less genuine, sincere, or believable. But Lee Jang Woo's camp took on a passive attitude and cut off contact with the press. Their shyness and timidity is a clear contrast to the bolder couples they star with, and their interaction is very endearing. However, this rumor is particularly damaging to Oh Yeon-seo, simply due to the small fact of her casting on the couple variety show We Got Married.

Although they couldn't continue as

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At its core, We Got Married relies entirely on the couples it features and their inevitable interaction for entertainment. It seems Lee Jang Woo's passive attitude towards the scandal served as the trigger to their break up. Another notable example is Yoo In-na, who was originally scheduled to appear on the show. Oh Yeon Seo's agency has clarified the situation regarding the whole dating and breaking up rumors, and revealed that the two once did have fond feelings for one another. Looks like another supposed couple has attracted the attention of the public as dating rumors of Oh Yeon-seo and her Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming co-star Lee Jang-woo have been rapidly spreading.

Although they couldn't continue as girlfriend and boyfriend, they will continue to have a good sunbae-hoobae relationship. If the JoonSeo couple were to be abolished, We Got Married would lose one-third of this group, messing up the dynamics considerably. Sports Seoul via Nate, Osen via Nate. For one, the rumor was confirmed as false. The show has faced similar situations through previous participants Hwayobi and Jung Hyung-don.

They've always been just good sunbae-hoobae. The two were swept up in a dating scandal back in January, but they weren't a couple.