Lenguas indoeuropeas yahoo dating

Lenguas indoeuropeas yahoo dating

Through that, they were able to show that words could outlive the original time frames and could have come from much longer ago. The continent had been depopulated as the ice sheets spread southwards, and gradually, as they receded, hunter-gatherer peoples spread out from southern Europe, further north, west and east.

One predominant theory had placed theThe study examined basic vocabulary terms

Applying those dates to a few branches in its tree, the computer was able to estimate dates for all the rest. The questions remain of who they were, when they lived, and where they came from. Anthony, noting that neither he nor Dr. At least in the subject, object, verb order of a sentence, as opposed to the subject, verb, object order found in modern-day English, French, Italian and Spanish. Tocharian, for instance, is a group of Indo-European languages spoken in northwest China.

While it is indisputable that

The study examined basic vocabulary terms and geographic information from ancient and contemporary Indo-European languages. One predominant theory had placed the origins of the languages in the Pontic-Caspian steppes. While it is indisputable that the language family is spoken by a large chunk of people, its origins are more questionable.

The origin of this proto-language probably was spoken in and around the area which is modern-day Turkey, and up in to Iraq, which was then known as Mesopotamia. Atkinson is a linguist, said that cognates were only one ingredient for reconstructing language trees, and that grammar and sound changes should also be used. This would rule out any connection between Indo-European and the spread of agriculture from Anatolia, which occurred much earlier.

The Kurgan people who occupied this area from around to B. They are also consistent with genetic and skull-measurement data which indicates an Anatolian contribution to the European gene pool. It allows us to place these language family trees on a map in space and time and play out histories over the landscape. While the findings made a strong case for the Anatolian hypothesis, some members of the research community remained unconvinced.

The English language is a member of the large Indo-European language family, spoken in a wide swath of the world. Romanian and other Romance languages, for instance, started to diverge from Latin after A. Scholars have long theorized about what pre-historic events might have caused this group to become so widespread. The language is believed to have spread with the expansion of farming. The family includes English and most other European languages, as well as Persian, Hindi and many others.

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