Me sentindo triste yahoo dating

Me sentindo triste yahoo dating

Thank you everyone for the supportHe was the best

There was a message from the girl from two nights after I had a panic attack during sex. Imagine the worst, and I guarantee he's said it to me. He got me through a violent relationship that I was actually in when he told me he loved me.

He came to my house, I refused to answer the door. We started dating at the start of January. Then I think, he must have known what he was doing at some point. He got me through mourning for one of my boyfriends and my grandma. He waited out in the pouring rain for about an hour and then walked away.

He helped me leave my violent ex too. My boyfriend Jamie and I have been dating for one month.

It wasn't you Lou, I hated it. The last email Jamie had sent was about a week ago, even though they were read. His anger is incredibly horrible and he says so many cruel things when he is mad. If he really loved me, he wouldn't have done that.

He helped me through

She's been emailing him since then though. So this afternoon Jamie was at a pub watching a football game. He was my bestfriend for four years before we started dating, and he was wonderful.

Thank you everyone for the support. He was the best boyfriend I had ever had. He helped me through this and didn't rush things. Today, he went and saw me vent to a friend via text message in my phone, mind you, not giving details just saying things are rocky and I need some space.