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Nicholas reckoned that there were plenty of rude people on the app. The frustrating thing about Meow is that it could be a really strong app. Meow You've probably already heard of it.

At this point there doesn't appear to be any point to Meow points. The good thing is that once a user has fully established a network of friends, I think the app would really step up. It's a sexed-up Chatroulette advertised by a cat that in no way resembles a cat. Some of them falling into the hilarious category, and some the concerning. You've probably been invited to join by every single Facebook friend you have.

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Hannah Jane Parkinson Not only is this a great way to meet and speak to people worldwide, but it's a nice way to pass time. If Meow managed to claw out the dick, jizz and tit pics, it could be one of the best social apps out there.

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The idea of connecting with people all over the world is a nice one, and in this Meow has the potential to be the pen pal scheme for the internet generation. It has chat rooms, for God's sake. Hannah Jane Parkinson Awkward. Oh, there are quite a few bad things. Meow is not a recent release.

The main point though, is that Maria is right. Equally, if the filters were better in Explore, it would be a fascinating tool to find like-minded people the world over.