Monica dating shannon

Monica dating shannon

Amazed by her voice, Dallas offered her a record deal with his Arista Records -distributed label Rowdy Records and consulted rapper Queen Latifah to work as Monica's first manager. He better stop listening to Gotti for real.

SameoleJ Mo has tucked her tail and sat on it. She refuses to have another failed relationship. Empress I was mildly disappointed. He has a blue ring around his iris on each eye and the bulging. Also if he is out there showing out like that then he needs to sit down somewhere.

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Because regla Sandra has said its not in their Dna not to cheat puppylove These types dont get absent minded. Da Puppet Mistress His eye condition been documented way before all of this. Let Your Soul Glow And there you have it. Far as length I try to give benefit of doubt, and like to think every single pickle out in this world is a grower and not a show-er.

Da Puppet Mistress For me it needed girth. You cant fake an eye condition. Sweet is Savage But but but that did look like it was grown. She has had enough of that bull crap in the past and instead of bringing this kind of hurt to her he should be the one making her smile.

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She probably thinking the baby gone be posted up at his house like Royalty is with her deddy. They are low down and messy. It focused on searching for a hit single for the album release and balancing her personal life of being a full-time mother and troubled past. Da Puppet Mistress I read that.

Monica is way to good for Shannon. Hopefully she will have enough self esteem to walk away.