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When she awakens, she finds her sister safe but even while in her comatose state, Hanabi grabs Hinata silently begging for help. For all his kindness, Nagato has a certain prejudice against Konoha because its ninja have played a role in a number of his life's tragedies. Curious, Nagato indulges him and tells him about the tragedies he experienced in his life and how they drove him to seek peace through pain. The Paths can be used to react to threats in mere seconds and, because they are corpses, the bodies are unfazed by all but the most debilitating types of damage.

Every Sunday, if present within Amegakure, Pain would make the rain in the village cease. Pain asserts that, as a god, his plan to liberate the world through destruction is the definition of righteousness. Though he considered all six Paths to be part of the Pain identity he gave himself, Nagato still regarded them as separate entities from himself, referring to them by whichever Path they embody.

Naruto then falls down some stairs and hurts his back. He bids farewell as his body is sealed. As soon as they adjourn, Pain and Konan meet with Tobi in Amegakure. Utakata eventually comes looking for Tsurugi, but instead finds Pain, who quickly captures him. It is revealed that before returning to Earth and saving Toneri, that Hinata took Toneri to the site of Hamura's soul and the truth is revealed to him.

Naruto Vs Pain Dubbed English (Full Fight) - video dailymotion

Introducing himself as Madara Uchiha, he offered to help them in their pursuits and show Nagato how to unlock the full potential of his Rinnegan. He shoots Naruto with a black receiver as soon as he arrives and tries to control his body, but Naruto successfully resists him. Evil Flowers in Full Bloom. Naruto the Movie received a light novel adaptation.

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Still unable to move even in his reincarnated state, Nagato is carried by Itachi Uchiha. Jiraiya expresses his disappointment that Nagato has turned away from his once-righteous path towards peace by leading a criminal organisation like Akatsuki. With Toneri unable to maintain his form, and about to is about to burn in the sun, Naruto saves him. With Naruto no longer able to offer resistance, Pain lectures him on the cycle of hatred the world suffers under and the endless conflict that produces.

He later takes her to the floating temple after Hinata asks that she personally wants to pay homage, stating that Hamura must be happy for her offer. The Asura Path uses itself as a shield to take the attack, creating an opportunity for the Deva Path to level everything and everyone in the area. When leading the Akatsuki, Nagato could also be possessed of a cold, wrathful side. After seeing this, Hinata decides to leave, to which Sakura tells Naruto to walk her home. In theory, each of the Six Paths of Pain could be used to perform any technique that Nagato himself was capable of.

She thought that although Naruto's declaration of love was the most important part of the character's growth, his true nature had not changed at that point. They then dive into the lake, only to discover it is a genjutsu set by Toneri. Although he is angry with Nagato for killing Jiraiya and destroying Konoha, Naruto will not harm him, as that would only cause others to seek revenge against him and repeat the cycle. For this reason he spent most of his adult life in a mechanical walker from which he controlled the Six Paths of Pain. This time Hinata freely goes with Toneri after giving the refurbished scarf to Naruto.

Naruto vs pain sub indo full movie hd

Linking with the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path left a number of black receivers embedded in his back and caused his body to become very emaciated, limiting his mobility. Naruto proceeds to make sure his scarf is not wet, proclaiming it to be special to him, leading Sakura to state it can't be that important and Hinata feels upset. Because of this, Jiraiya changed his mind and began teaching them ninjutsu. An alternative to this was cutting off control of five of the Paths and focusing all of his chakra into one. On the outskirts of the village, Sai paints a portrait, and spots one of Hanabi's captors flying overhead and follows behind.

Naruto Vs Pain Full Fight 3GP Mp4 HD Video Download

Itachi, Naruto, and B simultaneously use their strongest long-range attacks to destroy the growing planetoid. Not ready to take Akatsuki public yet, Pain accepts the invitation and sends several teams of genin to keep up appearances. Naruto is deeply affected by his encounter with Nagato and is compelled to start trying to achieve peace and end the ongoing desires for revenge between ninja. She breaks away from the Akatsuki that Tobi has corrupted, trying to fight for the ideals that the organisation originally represented. Nagato is glad to see Naruto has finally gained control of the Nine-Tails, but is not actually surprised since they both trained under Jiraiya.

Before he faced Naruto, Nagato had never lost a single battle. Later that night, Naruto follows Hinata to a pond, seeing her knit away at the scarf.

Suspecting their shared vision, Jiraiya withdraws. Sai realises that the water is incapable of making them wet.

Not only that, he could face the entire village of Konohagakure and destroy it single handily, only losing one of his Paths in the various battles with Konoha ninja. The character's personality and unwillingness to give up, regardless of the situation, attracted Mizuki to Hinata. Jiraiya trained the orphans for three years.

They could attack from multiple angles and dodge attacks they couldn't have seen but that occurred within another Path's field of vision. As Rock Lee and others fail to completely destroy a huge meteor, Sasuke arrives and saves Konoha from certain doom, revealing he rescued Hiashi.

While he declared his godhood to his enemies, Nagato would privately admit that he was never anything more than an ordinary man who was seeking peace through the best means he knew how. Toneri arrives and gives Hinata a vast army of puppet maids to do her bidding and gives her a tour of his palace. As a huge duel then ensues, Toneri reveals his newfound power to slice the moon in half.

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Shima and Fukasaku, meanwhile, prepare to cast a genjutsu like they did before. Nagato is at least able to sense where Kabuto is controlling them from, which he communicates to Itachi. Hinata is unable to use her Byakugan due to the lake distorting her vision for an unknown reason.

With Nagato gone, Tobi is forced to seek out his corpse and take his Rinnegan to fulfil his ultimate plans. In almost all of the above-listed games, it is one or more of the Six Paths of Pain that is playable.

Jiraiya found a place for them to live and taught them how to fish, but he would not teach them ninjutsu. He does not know if Naruto's solution can succeed, but Nagato decides that he will place his faith in it. Konan followed through with Nagato's change of heart, vowing hers and Amegakure's cooperation with Naruto in his future pursuits of peace.

Naruto vs pain sub indo full movie hd

Hinata refuses, demanding the safe return of her sister. Pain holds a moment of silence for his passing. Just then, Toneri appears before Hinata, claiming that he came for her. Before it can sink in, Sakura dispells the genjutsu placed on all of everyone. Pain obliges him, remarking on the state of the world and how Akatsuki plans to capitalise on that to take control.

Because their personalities are intact, Nagato gives Naruto and B advice about how to counter his summons and jutsu and warns them about Itachi's own. He begins removing Naruto's soul, prepares to kill B, and readies the King of Hell to restore them to life when Kabuto is ready for them. Despite his effectiveness being reduced due to Kabuto Yakushi's direct control, it still required a combined effort of Naruto, Killer B, songs of latest movies of bollywood and Itachi Uchiha to defeat and seal him.

The Six-Tails is later extracted from Utakata's body. The Deva Path leaves, victorious. The Paths try to stop him, but Fukasaku escapes and Jiraiya's body sinks into the sea. Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom.