Netvibes not updating feeds

Netvibes not updating feeds

You'll need to install andThis works well forNothing compares to Greader

You have the option of the feed being marked as read either immediately, or when moving on to the next feed. Greader for everything else though. Smart tags use a few examples you've identified to automatically find info on the same topic, showing items you may be interested in, as they are published. It is pretty similar to Google reader and I think it's a lot better than feedly.

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You'll need to install and update it on your own, but it's rather pretty and works well. This works well for me, but I would still like there to be more alternatives. Nothing compares to Greader. Wouldn't use this to keep track of the Solid Works forums. My solution for this is creating the feeds myself, using the Kimono Chrome extention.

It revealed quite a few alternative solutions.