Chris Wu and Nikki Hsieh Reunite for Horror Movie The Bride From the Director of The Ring

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George Hu the hero sings to theme song and I'm not really crazy about his character yet, which says something, because usually at least at this point I like the arrogant male lead. Instead, he ends up falling for her. Qi Xuan Ming Dao grew up to be famous and popular because of his looks and charm.

Even though he promised, Xuan, instead, decides to make his courtesan, Xia Ying Chun, his queen. Everything I said still applies. Usually at this point, I'm really digging a drama, but I'm feeling rather apathetic towards it. Again, it was understated and not played for attention, just an honest reaction to the moment that happened as he walked out of frame. One of the best things about this drama is that both the hero and heroine grow as a result of knowing each other.

He decides to make her his latest conquest. He'll be starring with Ella Chen, playing her reporter boyfriend who is flummoxed by her more recent behavior. Things also really feel artificial. All his jealousy over the lack of attention and being in love with Jia Xin all that time has finally gotten the better of him, so there's plenty of conflict there.

All Da Hua has to do is fill in for Liang Yan until she recovers. She was also a brilliant strategist who lead King Xuan's army to defeat his enemies in exchange for marrying her. Another thing I like about this drama is that they are on equal standing, economically, rather than it being the rich, arrogant guy and the poor, candy girl. This has forced Wei Zhen into hiding out at Shu Yu's house.

The heroine's voice also can get on my nerves with how she talks it didn't bother me in Substitute Princess. In some ways, he really reminded me of of Ji Hoo from Boys Over Flowers, what with all his noble self-sacrifice for Wu Yan's happiness, even if it does push her into the other guy's arms. Back then, Zhong Wu Yan was the ugliest woman alive. It's kind of ironic that, like Substitute Princess, I was rooting for the second lead - Chris Wu - to get the girl.

Zong You notices her when they pass on the street, carrying yet another bouquet. Because of Jia Xin, the heroine, Wei Zhen, is being hounded by angry fans who think that Wei Zhen has come between the couple.

He just points and asks for a bunch of different sizes. He ends up falling for Da Hua, not because she looks like his lost fiancee but because of who she is.

He's temperamental, demanding and often times surly, but he's also kind if you catch him at the right moment. He plays his characters with such accessibility that when he's hurting, it hits you, too. To save her family and to try and catch the eye of Guan Jun, Da Hua says yes. That way it's not that he's rescuing her from all her problems but rather that they're rescuing each other.

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While still kind-hearted, he also has become quite shallow. Fate brings them back together, so that Qi Xuan can rectify the wrong he did Wu Yan back in the Qi dynasty. Being about the music industry, I have to say, I loved the music in this show.

Jade Chou stars as Li Yi Hua, a old forever-bouquet-catching single who can't seem to find the right guy not for lack of trying either. Unlike a lot of dramas, I wasn't really moved.

Another one I will watch again and recap. Everyone who doesn't know her calls her ugly because of the huge wart on her face and her horrible buck-teeth. Not to bag on James Wen but his Guan Jun is almost a caricature with his stiff over-acting.