Online dating words

Online dating words

Whereas as over confidence can often be a turn off in a first message. Loving the ocean might imply depth, but it's often used as a shorthand for your aspirations. Photographs are the most honest part of anyone's profile.

We know that anyone can make themselves sound too good to be true, or too compatible with you to be believable. The written profile becomes the ultimate selfie, a space for us to commit acts of verbal vanity. The only exception is if you look exactly the same as you did five years ago or whatever the case is. Unlike an everyday face to face meeting where the words just tumble from your mouth in no apparent order.

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As for sexy pictures, you want to walk that fine line between showing enough without revealing too much. At least the internet gives us a chance to check that the person we're eyeing up is single and interested before we make fools of ourselves in real life.

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In terms of group shots, you want the men to actually know which one is you, so stick to solo photos. Smartphones have some awesome camera capabilities now, so get your best friend to take updated photos of you and help you determine what pose and background looks good. These are all emotions you want to evoke.

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And just like an ad agency makes a call to action, you can too, by simply asking about an interest or even suggesting a dinner date. According to data from Wired. Make sure your main profile picture is sharp and shows your whole face.

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