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Fault Locators and Tone Generators. Labacus labeling software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface backed up by comprehensive context-sensitive help.

LinkWare PC Cable Test Management Software

LinkWare Software prints professional, graphical reports with color graphs depicting the measured test parameters. Flexible Import Wizard When importing records, the LinkWare Import Wizard can automatically build or add to a project structure and place the records at the correct levels in the structure. The graphical user interface makes uploading data, sorting, printing and saving intuitive, simple operations.

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Is there a clear winner in the battle for your productivity? Import all the data from the cable testers into one project. Test reports that contain the numeric summary of all tests. Grab your stuff while you still can. Welcome to Fluke Networks.

Evil computers, pill popping, deadly contagions, and other kinds of fun! How to Hide Anything in Windows. With a few tweaks here and there, learn how to conceal toolbars, icons, buttons, files, and more. With LinkWare, you just merge the new cabling link reports into an existing project. You can choose which parameters to print and the order in which graphs appear.

Free remake of the classic Pacman game that also includes a level editor to create your own customized games. Staff Productivity Tracking.

LinkWare Cable Test Results Management Software

View All Essental Free Apps. Say you have a team of installers who are testing and certifying cable plants at multiple sites. Twistnet Communications Ltd.

Just hook up your tester, click the Import icon and LinkWare automatically sets serial port parameters while establishing communication with your tester. Copper Cable Testers and Tone Generators. Black Panther, Deadpool, and other hits are just a few taps away. Sorting your reports LinkWare's advanced sort features allow you to find the information you need, quickly and easily. Extreme Packets Case Study.

Its advanced features are straightforward to access, so we can all be power users. Report that provides a one-line summary of each cabling link tested. LinkWare provides you with multiple sorting fields to give you maximum flexibility for organizing your data. Unique free file manager that lets you manage your large file sets easily with flexible tagging.

Check out Gmail's new scheduling feature if you haven't already. Appending files Need to add new cable test reports to an existing file or project? And you can count on your data integrity to be secure. This instant view saves you time sorting. Creating Projects Keep track of test results data by creating projects per site.

It makes project setup simpler by helping you quickly organize, edit, view, print, save or archive test results by job site, customer, campus or building. Since LinkWare is free, you can deliver a copy of this program with your customer's project file on a disk.

Share with your customer This easy to use application allows you to electronically archive and manage your reports. If you visit more than one site in a day you can quickly import the saved data from your tester. You can then continue this accurate information by giving LinkWare to your customers so they can download your results and continue managing their data.

Explore the great outdoors with your loved ones and start an adventure with these apps. You can merge test results into an existing LinkWare database and then sort, search and organize the results by data fields or parameters. Following wizard prompts, users can rapidly, accurately and neatly generate required required labeling.

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Integrity Networks Alaska Branch. Contractors and Installers.

Advanced, yet user-friendly image analysis software to measure, quantify, and classify image components. LinkWare cable certification software makes it easy to use a variety of testers on one job and it makes you look good in the process. Portable software to create one or more non-compressible files, emraan hashmi songs list or maximum compressible files. Video and Screen Recording.

LinkWare is easy to learn and intuitive to use. No other fiber test solution documents the fiber infrastructure so completely and easily. Does Spotify hit your spot, or are you ready for a different tune? Free software that converts text to speech and alternatively, speech to text.

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Free software for Windows to quickly and easily compress digital music. Video Converting Software. LinkWare Cable Test Management Software gives you the ability to manage test results data from multiple testers with one single software application. Just insert the multimedia card into the card reader supplied with your tester and click the multimedia card icon on the LinkWare toolbar. Then sort the results by site and create a new project or merge this new data into an existing customer file.

Tool bars give you easy access to the most common functions. See many more in our TradePub area. Create professional custom reports, quickly and easily LinkWare Software prints professional, graphical reports with color graphs depicting the measured test parameters. Until now, cable identification, certification and management have not been integrated. Free versatile media player and manager that also supports streaming multimedia and live broadcasts.

Personal Finance Software. Versiv Cabling Certification System.

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