Pheromone dating party games

Pheromone dating party games

He then asked a group of female students to smell the T-shirts and mark which ones they found attractive. Share via Email Singles mingle and sniff during a pheromone party. The premise is that pheromones are the chemical triggers of sexual attraction. The table was quickly swamped.

Under normal circumstances this would be a good thing, but at a pheromone party, being clean will thwart your chances of being sniffed out as a genetically compatible match. After a sense of humour, smell is the second most important thing I notice. Image after image of people holding bags scrolled across the screen, some chancing their arm with several bags at once. But, of all the people I spoke to, chosen t-shirts smelt predominantly of aftershaves or washing powders.

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Ben Cole You then smell until you can smell no more and, along the way, pick the bags you like and have your picture taken with them. Wedekind discovered that the female students were attracted to the men who smelt different from them.

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Even so, there wasn't much of an odour, but this is about pheromones, so I trusted there'd be a subtle allure to draw in the man of my dreams. It made no sense considering our current situation.

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Not even the bar had seen this much action. So regardless of your hormonal secretions, make sure you smell good and pray for the best. One of those tingling kicks you get that start in unflattering places and end up somewhere behind the eyes. The first girl takes a whiff, curls out her lower lip and raises her eyebrows.

This was weird, kind of gross and definitely cringe-worthy. Still no one had picked my bag. This is what happened when I went to go and find out. The whole conversation lasted about five minutes and we both moved on to smell more bags.