Relative dating lab sheets

Relative dating lab sheets

We will focus on minerals and how they are the building blocks of rocks and we will show how we can no longer live without these resources. You can make your own or surf the Web for other images you could use. Relative Aging Worksheets You'll want to teach how to sequence rock layers during this unit.

These are in worksheet form. This is a worksheet from Glencoe that also covers this topic. This is a worksheet covering concepts from our textbook. The Missouri is two meters. We will focus on different types of weather patterns and see why certain regions have different atmospheric conditions.

Half-Life Calculations You'd probably better cover simple calculations of half-life. Usually takes one or two class periods. We will also focus on earthquakes and how we use seismic waves to locate their epicenters. They have to put the sketches in order and put a sticky label with each sketch explaining what cause the change in each sketch.

This is such a common standardizedWe usually just give students the

You'll want to cover methods used by scientists to measure absolute time. Lately I've given up on the boring Study Guide approach. We will place emphasis on the different types of volcanoes around the world and the potential hazards that they impose on mankind.

Relative Aging Team Games

These questions are courtesy of Stephen Dilks, another earth science teacher in my building. Don't see the need for quiet seatwork when we could be doing something more lasting, like a game or lab or powerpoint or other more active activity. Moreover, we will focus in on the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming and relate it to climate patterns. You can either tell them what you are doing.

Run off on colored paper and cut out. We have the students make the timelines and then answer the Timeline Comparison Questions. Here are a couple of good sequencing games.

Have the other students guess which Era is being dramatized. Half-Life Lab Here is a good version of a half-life lab using pennies in shoe boxes. Do not claim these lessons as your own work.

Earth Science can be

Earth Science textbooks usually contain exercises covering this topic also. We use teacher-made Fossil Identification Booklets but I don't have a pdf version of them.

Earth Science can be a challanging course. This is such a common standardized test subject, so it's worth covering well. We usually just give students the finished product and many students have trouble with seeing how the finished diagram came to be. Relative Aging Team Games A good way to introduce the concept of rock sequencing is to present each step with a separate sketch. Below are some additional resources to help you along the way, prepare you for your midterm exam and the Earth Science Regents exam.

Relative Dating Worksheets - Printable Worksheets

Run off and cut out for the game. Jurassic Park You might want to show the film as a nice break from the usual routine. Hand this form out to your students along with the matching half-life worksheet. Half-Life Skit Have the entire class stand up in the center of the room, all huddled together.