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TimeToLive of delayed messages was not calculated correctly. Features Although the software is simple and intuitive to use, it offers features that give you control over your broadcasts. Improved communication security and password protection.

Playlist tab - fixed focus of first element so class name is no longer incorrectly displayed initially. Description You can never have too much gum, as it seems like you are always looking for a piece before you head out of the house or while you are doing some housework. You are given a web address that you can share with your listeners, post on your Facebook page, link to on your website and email to your friends. You can put music files in your queue and play them in order or shuffle them. You cover so many topics, you could have a wide variety of podcasts!

Please use web portal instead. My favorite tech is full-featured, easy to use and free. Scheduled events now show log messages in Health tab when executed.

Moved trace log processing to operations cloud. Hearing your wonderful voice with your welcoming Texas drawl would always put a smile on my face. Big refactor of Playblocks.


Playlist items now the same accross all stations sharing the same library. However, they can release soon I believe. Improved initial loading of Playlists with lots of items.

Your Best Holiday Tech Gifts! My catch is that I want to yak yak and not have to fill the air waves with music and stuff. Fixed issue where LeastRecentlyPlayed did not work as expected on clients with multiple stations. Disabled check to stop station if library contains zero ready items.

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In fact, he is a Mac user himself. Improved server throttle settings.

Added some monitoring as well to verify improvements. Reorder from your frequently purchased items Got it. Updated links in software. Now each scheduled event can execute multiple tasks.

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Fixed rotation logic where separation rules not consistently applied in all cases. But to start they had to focus on the more popular platform first, which I can understand.

SAM VIBE Your Own Internet Radio Station

Fixed text on import buttons. Mac comparability surely a missing thing since Mac is a Media hub. Stop user from starting station if zero tracks ready. Hi Carolyn Great idea to work on.

Support team can now help out with purchases for clients. Added additional fields to History in preparation for web widgets. Fixed bad username parsing.

Hi Brian, Yes, I could see someone really getting into this and it becoming more than a hobby. You'll find plenty of places to keep some extra spearmint gum. Yes, bloggers can definitely use this to help publicize our blogs. You could also have a pack in the purse or in the bag you take to the gym, for example.

Added additional capacity. Implemented the execution of tasks in the cloud via scheduler. If you want to include news or weather, you can schedule tasks, such as playing the news audio file at the top of the hour.

Component Country Imported. What would you broadcast on your radio station? When I think how local radio station made radio broadcasting years ago this really is avery simple and cheap way to go about it.

Contact New to The Wonder of Tech? Improved monitoring alerts.

SAM VIBE Rebranded to SAM Broadcaster Cloud

Trident Vibes gum is an option that provides you with a long-lasting flavor, whatsapp samsung c3222 no sugar and a great value. It tends to be a good idea to keep at least one pack of the Trident Vibes gum at the house.

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Store window state and location. Fix history table archive system. Log current number of listeners to history. Updated list of default genres.