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If you want to go for a slim style, these can be an ideal refrigerator option for you. Refrigerators are rated one to five star, higher the rating, lower will be the power consumption. Whether you live solo or have a big family to feed, refrigerators are the ultimate household items to store all your perishable foods. Side by side refrigerators lets you keep both frozen and refrigerated food within easy reach. Look for double door refrigerators with a big guard for storing big containers of milk and juice in the door, frost free, deodorizer functions, built-in stabilizer and so on.

Side by Side Refrigerators In this type of refrigerator, the freezer and refrigerator are placed next to each other. Get value for your money, get the most energy efficient refrigerator from our portal and enjoy several lucrative Cashback offers. When you recognize there is a problem in your Samsung refrigerator then you should rectify the problems as soon as possible otherwise it could lead to bigger problems or damage to refrigerator. When looking for a fridge, you need to figure out whether they are compact enough to fit a small-sized room or will they be big enough to fit the needs of a large family. Go for this type of refrigerator for trouble-free installation, budget-friendly pricing and extra features like dual fan cooling system, powerful cooling, door alarm and so on.

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Go for the refrigerators with largest shelf space, deep bottom chiller tray, toughened glass shelves, deodorizer, easily removable gasket and other essential features. Here, you can find models that are the most energy efficient ever that perform optimally in low voltage conditions. Soft Freeze Mode, Quick Cool Mode, Chill Mode and Cool Mode, all these settings work by a touch of a button but when button itself not working then how will you set the setting. If you are looking to buy a refrigerator with sophisticated and fancy features, this type of fridge may be the right choice for you.

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French Door Refrigerator French door refrigerators have two narrow doors on top and the freezer below. Energy Star Rating Refrigerators are one home appliance that runs days in a year.

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Capacity When it comes to deciding on what size of refrigerator to buy for your home, you must have a fair idea of the space where you plan to put the refrigerator. Touch the display to dispense water and ice, or to set the refrigerator to Vacation Mode when you go on holiday. It eliminates the hassle of bending every time when you want to reach food in a refrigerator. For families with members, a fridge of size litre can be good enough.

All it takes is the touch of a button. Now even if you forget to shut your refrigerator door the refrigerator is smart enough to alert you with its Fridge Door Alarm.

It is one of the most common models that provide a spacious interior and is available at amazing price points. Go for high star-rated refrigerators that will benefit long-term keeping in mind the monthly electricity saving.

Samsung refrigerator says Information and control at your fingertips. Moreover, when it comes to finding the best refrigerator for your daily household needs, you have different refrigerator options to consider for your home. Paytm Mall is the ultimate shopping place for all your electronics needs.

The biggest advantage with these traditionally styled refrigerators is you can accommodate large platters, birthday cakes and other food items painlessly. This problem occurs when you spill your food items into control panel or because of water and dust accumulation inside button will stop functioning of button. Single Door Refrigerator When it comes to single door refrigerators, you are sure going to be awestruck with the amazing number of options available out there. Refrigerator making noise, this sort of problem happens when a customer uses refrigerator roughly, regular power fluctuation and refrigerator got hit while moving from one place to another. It is one of the widely used refrigerators and is easily available in a variety of sizes to fit kitchens small and big.

Double Door Refrigerator In double door refrigerators, freezer is on the top. Go for high gloss finish if you are a bit style conscious or opt for fun colors like purple, pink, peach, red and so on. It can happens because of wiring issues inside refrigerator, power fluctuation and hit by other object while moving or unknowingly.

During night time, the refrigerator door remains closed and your home is cool and humid, the compressor slows down to compensate. Frequently a person open door during a hot day, the system speeds up the compressor to keep the interior cool and your food fresh. Since the doors open from the centre rather than the side, they require a small door swing space. Non-functioning of Vacation mode while you are on vacation is another problem faced by Samsung customer and our certified team is good at repairing this sort of problem.

They have large storage capacity more L that enables you to store ample amount of groceries, food, fruits, vegetables, drinks, leftovers, or whatsoever as per your requirement. Sometimes it can be repaired if it is minor problems or it should replace with new one. The company was destined to become a household name starting in its mother country and spanning its reach to many other cities internationally. Also, keep a close check on the energy star rating and the size of the fridge you are going to buy. So it works smoothly, reduces wear and tear for greater durability, and minimizes noise.