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The story is told in a unique and innovative way. It takes years of perfection and expertise to become a sand artist. The sand artist recreates imagery, with a touch of imagination, and films the whole process from start to finish. Nitish Bharti Nitish Bharti is a world-famous Indian sand animation artist who demonstrates his unique method of visual storytelling using sand and a light table.

In his every performance, he captivates his audience both with the innovative medium and his fast-paced creations. We will handle everything for you and ensure you have the best time of your life!

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Artist on Demand bring to you the performance of a skilled, professional artist which will leave you gasping with amazement. Share Sudarshan Pattnaik Sudarshan Pattnaik is one of the most famous sand artists among the world and is a popular name not only in Odisha but the world over. Also, popular for weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries, our sand artists have delighted audiences all over Europe with their custom sand art masterpieces. They are accompanied by a number of side artists.

His artwork has been critically appreciated by many famous personalities. He has done notable work nationally as well as internationally.

Rahul Arya has performed over shows all over the world in all the areas of entertainment from Private, corporate to Bollywood. This team of specialists in live sand animation creates custom sand art stories by mixing music, light and beautiful sand drawings.

Accompanied by music, this innovative artist depicts multiple scenes in his chosen medium of sand during his live performances. He entertains, performs his sand-story, art-story, and word-story presentations in both English and Hindi.

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Book our sand artists for your event or special occasion and ensure your message is successfully conveyed through this original story-telling form. Our sand artists create custom sand art animations and always wowguests with the speed at which they work. An innovative and unique way to convey a message, live sand animation is loved by people of all ages. Working to exact specifications, the custom sand art animation requires the client to provide a storyline, music preference and some photos. Custom sand art stories always are a huge success among guests at corporate events, product launches, promotional events, ceremonies, galas, metodo de ruffini online dating etc.

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He was invited by The King of Dubai to demonstrate his skills in sand animation. He uses his art to spread social awareness among the people.

Sand Art by Artist Barunava

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His sculpture on global warming earned him a great respect from all over the world. Live sand animation is a popular art-based entertainment option for a wide range of occasions.

Bengali folk art and traditional forms are the base of his work He meticulously blends European touches to make it more contemporary and international. She edits all the footage either to the length of the song or to the desired duration. He rakes his fingers and morphs one image into another, creating another detailed, striking and inspiring picture thus giving a meaningful show that leaves a lasting impression. He often promotes going green and being active in his community and always creates sculptures highlighting current events. It has been two years since he turned to sand animation.

He is the inventor of sand art in India. He snatches the heart of the audiences with his creative style of storytelling which makes people cry emotionally after his mystical performance.

Oursand artists pour extra thin sand onto a white glass surface, allowing large audiences to witness how a story is created on a big screen. In this short span of time, his hard work and passion have earned him national and international fame.

Kaushik Unique Sand Animator Kaushik is one of the most celebrated artists in this genre. Our artists are available at the best prices, much lower than other competitors.

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