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Happy to join this institute Educadd Learning Solutions, Marathahalli. Craft paint works good too- it will just be pretty stiff whenever you wash it. The trainers here are highly professional and experienced.

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Add and wipe off in layers until you get the look you want. When I made these shirts I was running a bit short on time. Arrange collage material dried leaves on each circle print. When all is said and done you can pull the paper off and marvel at your finish product.

Apply paint and antiquing cream to the textured surface and work into all the crevasses. You will be able to see the words from the print out through the freezer paper. If desired, use a metallic paint marker to make a fine gold line around the cut edge of each circle print. Apply paint and antiquing cremes.

It has been flaking off in the wash now because it was too thick. They also have great infrastructure including good reference books. Be sure to add in thin, even coats. Overall I am very satisfied with their teaching.

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This is really an amazing training centre They are so friendly they treat us like family and teach us from their whole heart. Use a soft brush to apply a coat of Ultra-Matte Varnish on each complete collage.

Place a piece of removable double-stick tape in the center of the circle mask to keep it in place on the canvas square. They informed me all course details. Take the stencil and with the shiny side down iron it onto your shirt. Water based screen printing ink.

Enter our Fall Giveaway below. An iron will help soften it before you wear it. Apply paints and antiquing cremes in layers, wiping some off and adding more until you've achieved the look you want. The craft paint might need a few coats. The environment and way of approaches were very good.

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