Season 2 reign cast dating

Season 2 reign cast dating

And of course there will be plenty of eye candy for Mary's new crowns. Across all levels of society, there are people eager to exploit the fear and guilt of those who managed to live through the plague. We will see him in a much more regal and formal wardrobe including more capes, furs, and custom doublets. Francis is eager to have a family and it puts a lot of pressure on Mary, who historically had incredible difficulty conceiving.

Catherine wants Louis to be executed but Francis refuses, not wanting to make Louis a Protestant martyr. Queen Mary - Now that Mary is the ruling Queen of France we have heightened her wardrobe even more so from the first season. Mary embraces her sexuality and is unafraid to flaunt it. Francis rides out with his soldiers to capture Louis and clear the rest of Louis's scattered army, ending the coup.

We also get to go beyond the castle walls, out into the landscape of France, and see the real obstacles they face with the nobles. And they will, in fact, be drawn to others.

And a bloodthirsty menace in the woods was annihilated, but not before taking dozens of lives and heralding the coming of a plague. Friendships will be tested, loved ones murdered and betrayed. The second season begins with Mary and Francis on the throne of a nation burning.

Lots of black and gold fabrics like lace and brocades, with layered details and impressive jewels. Meanwhile, the dynamic between Mary and Catherine will remain unfathomably tense. She is fierce and fearless.

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Edit The second season begins with Mary and Francis on the throne of a nation burning. Delphine is tied to a burning stake for her execution as a witch, but she escapes. Photographed here is a custom coat built for him but also made to match Queen Mary. But when they influence, the outcome can be shocking. King Henry descended into madness.

He is constantly having to prove his power. Bash learns that his and Delphine's souls are bound together due to the ritual Delphine performed. Catherine blames Mary for her situation and travels to England, where she offers Queen Elizabeth Rachel Skarsten her help in destroying Mary for good.

Renaude is executed for treason. Reports of ghostly visitations will result in mass hysteria and lawlessness. We will be introducing some new jewels and silhouettes for Catherine as she is constantly trying to one-up Mary in the wardrobe department. For season two we are adding new elements to show her status as Queen as well as the darker side of Mary we are now seeing.

Despite the political and social upheaval, life at court continues to revolve around love, lust and arranged marriages. When you have people with so much power, they can influence others.

While Francis struggles with his terrible secret, he is grateful that his half- brother Bash is standing by to help navigate the dangerous political waters. It is very important to keep their wardrobes complimenting each other as they must appear as a team. But she soon moves on and is back to her antics, we will be seeing her in her staple regal colors of burgundy, gold, and copper. Here he is wearing a velvet coat and custom vest.

Reign Cast and Characters

Mary and Francis renew their relationship and have sex. Royals and commoners alike now face a future where friendships will be tested, loyalties betrayed and loved ones murdered. The gown featured here has an Elizabethan collar with a vintage lace overlay. Really, what that was was the revolution brewing between the old guard and the new guard. He just throws sex at his problems until they go away.