The Positive and Negatives of a Serodiscordant Relationship

Serodiscordant dating divas

But some positive folks won't date or have sex with partners they believe to be negative, either. Feeling as though I fully understood how to protect myself, it just wasn't a big deal. One recoiled as if he'd just encountered the Blair Witch. For three of them it really didn't seem to matter all that much. And I never felt like I was hovering around death's door.

Frankly, I thought he was a keeper. Only once in over six years has another man brought up the subject before I did. Men remain reluctant to have the conversation. He told me he wanted to take some time to adjust to his diagnosis, make some lifestyle changes and be by himself. The last one clearly stated his fears and showed a willingness to communicate and continue dating.

That word isn't even in my dictionary. My trust undermined, I walked. The password is work, not conquer. Some negative people will not date a person they know to be positive out of fear of infection, but also because they don't want others to think they must be infected, too. He was hospitalized after developing symptoms associated with heart disease and has since undergone surgery and started drug therapy.

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It's kinder and gentler and will probably make researchers crazy.

But some positive