Ice dancers Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir look to cap career with Olympic gold

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Ice dance pair Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier aim for Olympics - The Globe and Mail

Eat your heart out, Alex Shibutani. The short dance is a Latin rhythm. As long as that arm is going strong, they're golden literally. They were sent to the Four Continents where they won the gold medal.

Yanking, pulling and dragging is the new skating, and as long as you make strong eye contact with the audience, and avoid any kind of contact with each other, you'll max out the scores. Not Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier. But it is not a sure thing. They went to the Canadian Championships and won the bronze medal in their first season together.

When Olympic ice dance champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir announced their return to competition, the news likely struck a note of fear at least some of their Canadian rivals. Two decades of figure skating expertise behind that sort of discernment. Let the judges know that no matter what's going on from the knees down, your face and arms have it covered. They hope to close their illustrious career with gold at the Pyeongchang Games later this month. Gabrielle Daleman of Newmarket, Ont.

He is too inconsistent to be able to climb the rankings at this late stage of his career. It will be finished tomorrow, followed by posts about the other new short dances. Weaver dislocated her left shoulder in the warm-up before the original dance but was able to compete and the couple won the bronze medal. Gilles and Poirier have been quietly working their way up the standings and believe they can hold their own against whoever they face. They positively peddle in goosebumps.

Virtue and Moir won't have much time to rest after their flag-carrying duties. Bobrova and Soliev posture is the new proper posture. Hell, even Zags has more - and she needs to be worried herself and may not have an off ramp. It could have worked as career farewell.

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So I think it made all of us closer and better as athletes, and more well-rounded. This is them taking their time.

However, they received the feedback from the judges that their Elvis Presley medley did not have clear rhythm required for the short dance. Madison Chock's performance in a nutshell. Pulling is the new skating. It was impossible to concentrate.

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But it was not implemented in the end, I think. This one is all about the security, stability and perfect alignment of Evan's feet. The purpose is to ensure athletes and coaches advance at their maximum potential through development and training opportunities, in order to be the best in the World and Olympic Games. It was around the time Didier was blocking Tiffany Zagorski's release to Russia. We all know how high risk these short dance lifts can be.