Sophos antivirus configure updating greyed out

Sophos configure updating greyed

Web Protection is enabled

This will always happen and is normal if Sophos tries to update while your computer is disconnected from the Internet. While Sophos is updating the Sophos shield near the clock may disappear for a short time. You will see a window showing the progress of the update.

Normally you should not need to alter any of these settings. You are now ready to publish Sophos as a layer.

Once the update is complete check

Once the update is complete, check the Sophos shield. Web Protection is enabled If you wish to change any Sophos client settings you may do so.

Before you update Sophos make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet. Another allows one to create a list of applications with accompanying checksums, which will then be blocked if the checksum changes. If so, you generally just need to accept the default settings to install Sophos. Scheduled scans Saved scans can be scheduled to run automatically on your machine. This may take a minute or two Once the files have been extracted the installation screen shown below will appear.

Normally you should not

This will open the Sophos program, and the main screen will show a Status box near the top left of the window. The modules are mostly available, and licensed, as individual entities as well as components of the full suite. Options for telephone and email support followed, with a lengthy checklist of details to have ready, covering both licensing data and technical details on your setup and problem.

You are now ready

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Recommended release notes

Next create a user account. The progress window is not displayed when Sophos updates automatically. Enabling these options will mean that Sophos checks more files for malware, but may slow down the checking.

Clean up virus-infected files. This is because some legitimate software can be detected if these options are enabled. On-access detection of such things is not the default, but again can be switched on network-wide if so desired. You can use this button from other Sophos screens to return to this main window.

All reasonably simple and straightforward. Once you do the installation will start and you'll see the progress of the installation. When the installation has completed you will see the following screen. Enter the location details from which the computer will get the updates. Overall, I have found my time playing at administering Sophos surprisingly trouble-free.