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Bricks and tiles of Roman date were often re-used in Saxon buildings, particularly churches. The whitewares of the period included tin-glazed earthenwares.

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Highly decorated tableware, including fine red and whitewares, were available during the Early Roman period. Ceramic Building Materials Eames, E. In East Anglia, pottery forms developed from the medieval products, often being made in the same potteries as previously. The next day doctors told Ann that she had sepsis and she was given a second antibiotic, cefuroxime.

Decoration was less common, reflecting the need for speed in production, and many vessels have only a thin covering of glaze. The similarity between Iron Age and Saxon pottery, particularly in East Anglia, claroline fsm dating can cause problems where no other dating evidence is available.

Multi-flue types were also used later, allowing greater capacity and needing peat or coal as fuel. The vessel types produced were mainly jars, hanging vessels and spouted pitchers. Whilst some areas, such as Cornwall, continued to import fine pottery from the Continent, other areas reverted to handmade vessels in similar forms to those of the pre-Roman Iron Age. Floors were generally laid out in a chequerboard pattern.

These clean white plates, often with fine hand-painted decoration, were intended to be a local and cheaper substitute for the porcelain which was being imported from the Far East. Middle Saxon pottery in East Anglia and Northumbria was made on a slow wheel, but elsewhere in Britain it was still handmade. An excellent example of this re-use can be seen at St. The clay from which it is made often contains pieces of burnt flint or other stone and the pottery appears very coarse. The bibliography at the end provides references to more detailed and comprehensive sources.

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Many cases of sepsis begin as pneumonia, which is itself usually the result of a pneumococcal infection, caused by bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae. This was generally clear or brown-glazed redware in East Anglia, whilst other regions such as the north-west and the south produced yellow and green-glazed whitewares. In this period, there is an increase in pottery drinking vessels, often imported German stoneware but also glazed earthenwares. Potters are very rarely mentioned in documentary evidence before the Late Medieval period, and were probably some of the lowest-status craftsmen.

Most Roman pottery, however, consisted of coarse sandy greywares which were used for cooking, storage and other daily functions. Saxon and Medieval pottery Haslam, J.

This period is transitional between the high and post-medieval periods, and the pottery reflects this. Late Saxon pottery was fast wheelmade and copied continental forms which had developed from the Roman tradition. In areas where flint buildings are common, such as East Anglia and Southern England, they were used for quoining or to form window and door jambs. Red and white wares decorated with trailed slip of a different colour were also common at this period. More unusual vessels were produced, for example lamps, chafing dishes, shallow pans and aquamaniles.

Vessel types included jars, cooking pots, large storage vessels, spouted pitchers and bowls, some lamps and crucibles. The earliest types are mosaic pavements. These are important in providing us with a type series of vessel forms, although broken vessels can be just as useful for this.

Her temperature was so low that her mother, Dee, thought the thermometer had broken. The vessel forms produced by these industries are generally very similar, although the details differ.

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Three days after arriving in hospital, she was moved to intensive care and given her third round of antibiotics, tazocin and clarithromycin. Also, specialized antler and bone tools and stamps were used to decorate pottery, and a few of these have been found. Many forms in this area copy contemporary Dutch wares. Differences in style and fabric helps pottery specialists to identify vessels which are not of local manufacture.

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Over the next five days Ann would be given four different combinations of antibiotics. The same basic techniques were used and the same types of vessel were produced in different areas, but the pottery has a regional character. Few workshops have been excavated, but most consist of buildings and sheds which were probably used to store the raw materials and leather-hard pots, as well as a manufacturing area. This crudeness is related to the function of the vessels, which had to withstand thermal shock when placed on a fire for cooking.