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However, culturally they differ completely from Kannada Devangas as the later is patriarchal and Chaliyas are matrilineal and primarily goddess worshipers. Today many languages are spoken by Devanga people. The trading members of Devanga community, were able to lead the groups of people in the telangana region towards all of their trading destinations.

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This is followed by dinner. At the time of Islamic invasion, this group of people has to leave the empire.

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The Balithar sub sect people can marry any of the other sub sects people. Their kula devatha family deity is Goddess Chamundeshwari, which is also the family deity of the Mysore dynasty.

There were Saivite and Vaishnavite divisions among Devangas in the old days. Many were also warriors during Vijayanagar times, according to warrior stones found in Hampi, Karnataka. They having first preferences to do pooja in Sri Ramalinga Devi Temples. It is one of the most prominent temples in Coimbatore region.

Women attain good education even today, hence the family have good growth. Sects Devanga was originally divided into two groups, the gandoru and namdoru. The marriage date is fixed on the day of engagement.

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Ladhegars more in number and powerfull subsect with most of them in high power in TamilNadu. Associations The international Devanga community has headquartered in Karnataka. This is followed by lunch to all the invitees. They adopted the names of the gurus as their gothras and followed the same gothras, generations upon generations.

Associations The international Devanga community has
Ladhegars more in number

There is no Tamil Devanga as such. The couple stays together till they die. When Devala was taking the cloth to the king, demons came to attack him.

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