Trekking bike testsieger dating

Trekking bike testsieger dating

Another impossible year code.

These serial numbers apparently do not follow the year convention used for other Trek models. These data were mined to produce bike production by model for each calendar year.

The record of the

The record of the assembly runs was documented in a handwritten journal. From the geometries, they all appear to be custom frames. It has touring length chainstays. The year digit is the fourth character in the number. The rest of the code defines time to a month.

It has touring length chainstaysFrom the geometries they

The production non-custom frames were numbered using the late to system described below. These frames may be related to the M and N leading serial number bikes in the section above. Again, this is the date of serializing, not necessarily model year. The remaining part of the serial numbers seem normal. When a Trek frame was repainted by Trek, an additional set of numerals was often stamped into the bottom bracket to indicate the frame was repainted.

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